My Japan Log 2005/06

My Japan Log

The following is a detailed description of my two weeks in Japan. Note that there might be some inaccuracies and mistakes.

Big thanks to Campbell what happened Tran for housing me during the two weeks and showing me around Japan. Everyday was really crazy and it wouldnt have happened without your help.

Since I was in Taiwan for winter break I decided to pay Japan a visit. The flight was about 3 hours and the ticket was a little over 350$ USD, its usually only 200$ during off- season flights but I dont dictate the dates for school vacations.

Random Notes of Interest

Exchange rate - 116-120 yen (depending on banks) to 1 US Dollar. This is a fantastic time right now for Americans to visit Japan. Historically the exchange rate has been hovering around the 100 yen to 1 US Dollar mark. The good thing is that you are pretty much buying everything in Japan for almost 15-20% off the usual price. 50yen games are now 42 cents and 100yen games are 84 cents. More bang for the buck.

Tougeki Spirits The quarterly magazine that is released on top of the monthly arcadia magazine, is about 80 pages more (220 pages total) then the monthly arcadia magazine and comes with a DVD. The DVD for the first volume has lots of dream matches featuring Hayao vs YSB (two top hugo players in japan), Daigo vs Tokido in CFJ since Mago ocved Daigos whole team in the finals so Tokido never got to play and hella other matches. The most interesting piece was a long documentary that followed Ohnuki around for the entire day during SBO 3, Arcadia does a really good job in making SBO three look hella epic and seem like the best tournament in the world not that it wasnt. The DVD for the second volume came with lots of combo vids for T5DR and many match vids of all the new games such as hato no ken, KOFXI, Samurai Showdown, GG Slash and NGBC. It also comes with a super well-edited documentary from EVO2k5. Most of you who attended evo this year probably figured out that it wasnt the best of tournaments but Arcadias amazing video editing technique made evo look totally badass and it also showed some really memorable moments such as Crow winning T5 and Bas winning CVS2 + plus hella fools going nuts after cvs2 finals including myself. Campbell was nice enough to lend me both dvds so I could enchance/ripe-off editing techniques for the Texas Showdown 6 DVD.

Arcade Setup 99% of the arcades had head to head set-ups for fighting games, and arcade employees always cleaned the cabinets and ashtrays after players finish. The only thing I didnt enjoy were hella people smoking in arcades which made me feel dizzy most of the times.

Honor System This would and probably only happen in Japan, During my first day there, I was hauling hella luggage around More amusement since I just came from the airport and remember Campbell telling me to leave my luggage randomly in a corner and go to other floors to play. I thought he was nuts!!! Leave my luggage out of my sight? But after a couple of hours my stuff was still there exactly where it had been hours ago, simply amazing. Same thing happened with the Train Station next to Campbells apartment. They had at least 50 umbrellas sitting neatly in the corner of the train station so people could use them if it was raining and bring it back the next day. Could you imagine this in America? There would be hella umbrellas on Ebay the next day.


Following are my impressions on all the new/recent games.

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection ? Definitely the most popular 3D fighting game in Japan right now although I have a feeling that will change when VF5 comes out. Every arcade I went to had at least 2-3 machines with people constantly playing. You cannot purchase or customize your characters on the machines in the arcade. Instead you can only do it through your cell phone, which is more profitable for arcade operators since the machines generate more revenue per hour. Namco also added a second line for team name so people with crews, gangs, hommies etc can make their allegiance known. Hella more items now and I could barely recognize a lot of the characters since they went through crazy dramatic customizations. Jack-5 is ranked as the best character right now by Arcadia but I saw lots of players moping the floor with Mashimas. Steve is almost bottom ranked according to the arcadia list. (time to play Jack-5 Crow)

Guilty Gear Slash ? Most Popular 2D fighter in terms of traffic although a lot of top players don?t play it or have switched to different characters since the complete tier list has been revamped since #R. Yukinose plays testament and Kaqn switched to Ino, Kindevu isn?t even bothering to learn the game. Hella Kys everywhere.

KOF XI ? Most played KOF right now, although I don?t understand kof very much every team that was played consisted of Kula/Gato/Oswald or Eiji. Looks hella broke but I?m sure people are playing it to qualify for SBO4 just like they did for CFJ.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum ? Already dead, players aren?t even making an effort to get good at this game. Mr. Big > All. Even kof newb like Campbell is trying to qualify for SBO in this game since no one plays. Mr.Big/random character will win!!! Barely anyone playing.

Samurai Showdown ? Mina is hella broke, has unblockable setups after knock down. Amaxus is stupid too with the vertical ball move that seems to randomly crossup or not. I mostly watched Bas and Fubarduck play each other and it seems that they both will qualify for SBO. Rumor is that Tokido has the best Mina although I?ve never seen it myself.

Hato no Ken (fist of the north star) ? Really ugly looking game, characters all look the same to me. Rei seems like the best character right now, random low lk. hk goes into a fat combo. Hella instant kills in the third round since most of the stars are gone from the previous rounds. Prediction: Dead after SBO

Melty Blood ? Didn?t watch, don?t care. Diediediediedie stupid game.

Interesting things that happened

Day 1 ? I arrived in Japan around 8 pm so most of my day was gone already, I spent most of the remaining time with Vanessa and Campbell playing random games at More. Note-Vanessa is staying with Campbell in Japan

Day 2 ? So Michelle decides to set-up a date between Roah and Vanessa so I tag along to play third wheel. Me and Vanessa met up with Michelle, her friend Aya who spoke English really well and Raoh. So we head out to Harajuku which is a big shopping area with hella weird stores, most of them for girls though. So the ladies would spend about 30 minutes in each store and I would wait outside with Roah wishing I was in an arcade or something. Raoh actually has a pretty extensive knowledge of the English vocabulary, he just has problems putting them into sentence. That wasn?t a big problem for me since I?m a fob and I could understand most of the stuff he was trying to say pretty well. I was surprised to find out that Luna Sea was one of Raoh?s favorite bands. They?ve been my favorite Japanese band ever since junior high so we got into this heated discussion about favorite band members/songs. I later asked Roah to come to showdown and he said he wants to so he can ?Kill Justin?. (Raoh lost to Justin at evo2k4 and 5). So it was around 8 p.m. and all of us head out to More to meet up with bas and bucktooth. I spend about 30 minutes watching Raoh rack up a 15 game streak on KOFXI (Roah was the kof98 champion in Japan), Kula/Gato/random is cheap. Then I head over to the CVS2 machines and watch bas rack up a 20 game win streak with A-are. Bas?s blanka and sakura are both really good but his bison is what separates him from the rest of the crop. Pretty much any jab or short would lead into a 5-6 hit combo and into 80% custom. He uses the rc charge down up move perfectly so he can run away and build meter at the same time. Funny thing is that he totally dominated all the More players but then Campbell peaces him out, go USA!!! I later went to dinner with bas, campbell and two other More players, Ichii (N ken/chun/sagat) and Kurusk (A-are) who also plays hella other games. Ichii is a mid tier more cvs2 player (but I?ve never beaten him once) and speaks hella crazy English. Overall it was a really fun and not bad for a Christmas day in a totally foreign country.

Day 5 ? Went with Buk and Bas to Yokohama to buy a new digital camera since my six year old powershot S100 finally died on me. We went to Yodabashi camera (one of the biggest electronic chains in Tokyo) and I finally settle on a Sony DSC-T5. I don?t think it takes the best pictures but it definitely looks good. Funny thing was that they had two models, one with just Japanese menus and the other one ?tourist model? with both English and Japanese menus but costs 5000 yen more. Since I?m Chink and could read Kanji I decided to save myself 50 bucks and go with the Japanese model. The best thing about Japanese electronic stores is that they have a point system and you get points for everything you spend, since my camera costs 29,000 yen I got 7000 yen knocked off my 1gig memory stick duo card (in the end it was like 1000 yen for the memory card). I wish they had policies like this in all the electronic stores in America since I buy hella electronics every month. We also visited one of bas?s favorite ramen stores, big ass bowl for 650 yen, chink it up!!!

Day 8 ? Kindevu decides to come to Tokyo and stay with Campbell for a couple of days since I was in town (but he actually wanted to see Vanessa). So we meet this fool up in the train station and he is wearing a sweatshirt with a bigass CROW written over it. (guess crow has fans all over the world including fat kids). So we head back and play CVS2 and some other random games for a while. Before we were about to sleep Kindevu is looking up all these stupid words in Japanese on his English dictionary. Stuff like premature ejaculation, erection, vagina and dumb shit like that. He really made an effort to teach me those words in Japanese but I pretty much forgot them in 5 minutes. Kindevu then asks me and Campbell to teach him something in English so we taught him STD, Kindevu thought it was funny so we decided to give him the new nickname of STD MASTA !!! and Kindevu randomly decided to give bas the new nickname of sexual harassment Masta although I?ve never seen bas do anything remotely close to even touching a girl. From then on I would call Kindevu STD Master in front of Vanessa and Kindevu would run up to her and say: No STD, NO STD! He would also say something in English like ?I?m going home tomorrow? even though he was there for like ten more days. To make it up to Kindevu I would play the bad guy and call Vanessa a bitch and Kindevu would run up to her saying: Vanessa no bitch, no bitch. Whatever helps him I guess.

Day 9 ? New years eve and hella people were gonna come over to campbells and celebrate. Me, Kindevu, Campbell and Vanessa spent about 2 hours cleaning up the pigsty to make it look inhabitable. So we had a couple hours to burn and I decide to turn on the tv and I see Pride fighting playing live (the new year?s tournament). Now I really love Japan!!! Fubarduck shows up a bit later and we all head down to the convenient store next to the train station to meet random Japanese players up. As soon as I entered the convenient store I see, Michelle, Ichii, Kurusk, Bas and hella other random players shoving snacks, beers, bitch drinks, random breads into their baskets. Being the good Houstonian that I am I pick up the basket and team up with Campbell and fubarduck to put as much beer as we can fit into our baskets. At check out our basket was a combined 5000 yen strong. So everyone head back to campbell?s and there were like 15 fools cramped into buktooth?s tiny apartment. People continue to show up like Raoh + more random fools and things were getting pretty out of hand since most of the beers were already gone. Bas decides to challenge Michelle and Vanessa to arm wrestling and got his ass murdered in under 10 seconds combined. Kindevu trots in and challenges fubarduck to arm wrestling, I though Ryan was gonna hold that shit down but Kindevu murders him too in under 3 seconds. After that Kindevu says in Japanese ?isn?t Texas weak?? Oh well fool is cheap. So 2006 finally arrives and everyone is going crazy and hugging each other. Then the Cops show up!!! Apparently we?ve had 4 complaints already from the neighbors and I thought this was going to turn into another episode of cops on American tv. Luckily Japanese Police are super nice and courteous so we didn?t get into any sort of problems, we just had to be quiet for the rest of the night. Five minutes later a Japanese player called Wet San shows up with two full bags of beer and screams ?HAPPY NEW YEAR? and everyone gives him the STFU sign. This Wet San is really a character. His full nickname is Wet Dream and he looks like a Japanese backstreet boy gone bad. He loves to say phrases like ?I?m coming??? and ?Oh Shittttt??? porno style. I pass out around 5am and woke up the next morning expecting the whole place to be dead but instead the same way as it was the night before (apparently Japanese don?t sleep at all, they only sleep when they?re in America). So everyone (15 of us) head out to Machida to eat and play games at Cat-eyes arcade. I watch Wet san beat Kindevu?s V-Akuma, Karin, Sakura hadily in A3 using V-Dhalsim. After he wins he would look me in the face and say ?I?m Coming Lay???

Day 13 ? Went to some tourist place with bas, kindevu, buktooth, michelle, vanessa and aya. Took hella pictures and had a lot of great food. Said goodbye to the girls and met up with raoh and kurusk at a random arcade to play games. I had a master?s challenge in virtual tennis, hato no ken, anniversary edition and Mario kart against Raoh. Then we went to More so I could play him in 3S. Raoh is the first chun-li player I?ve ever seen that uses every regular move and special move, he tries to go for the craziest/fancy set-up all the time and he would win way more matches if he played more conservatively. Hella fun to watch and play against although I only beat him once in 10+ games. Definitely the 180 opposite of Justin?s style.

Day 14? My final day in Japan, I went to gamers vision in the morning and met up with bas and ichii at Ace Amusement at night. We went to the ramen store down the street where Buktooth did his legendary ramen challenge couple years back. So I decide to try it and super sized my ramen and added 20 slices more of fatty pork onto my noodles. I?m sorry to tell you that I failed the challenge, torwards the end it was like eating lard. Champbell finished it easily though. So after some games at Ace arcade me and buktoth said goodbye to bas and ichii and headed for OTK?s home which was one train stop away and really close to the airport. OTK?s family is pretty baller and owns two two-story houses right next to each other. Real estate is really expensive in Japan and 90% of people live in apartments. So we go to OTK?s room and find out that this fool has hella infatuation for this one anime girl character. He has a whole shelf of manga all based on this one character and thousands of pictures on this computer of her too. He showed us some of the dating games he was making and I was really impressed with the overall quality of the games not that I would ever play anything like that. OTK?s skinny Japanese friend shows up and we all play some CVS2. Since it was my last night in Japan I decided to bust out my camcorder and film some casual matches. When the skinny Japanese dude saw my camcorder he went absolutely apeshit and started doing crazy things like taking his shirt and pants off and yelling crazy shit in Japanese. So we play CVS2 and 3S all night and OTK?s friend has a buffass C groove team of kim/rugal/sagat, I beat him and OTK a couple of times but we were all really drunk from red wine (otk brought out hella red wine for some reason, but alcohol is alcohol) so I?m not sure if anyone was playing seriously. I finally pass out around 6am. Woke up a couple hours later and everyone walked me to the train headed for the airport. I will be in Taiwan for another week, see everyone back in Houston!!!


The following is a detailed description of all the arcades I visited during my trip to Japan, note that they have more then 30 arcades alone in Shinjuku and most big cities so I visited/only bothered to write about the most famous ones.

More (shinjuku) ? 5 floors, All fighting games are 50yen including T5DR
The golden standard of CVS2 and ST in Tokyo. I frequented this arcade over 7 times in 14 days (yipes!!!). Most of the big names you?ve ever heard of in CVS2 plays here including Dan, Mago, Bouya, Iyo, Nitto, Kindevu (before he moved to Nagoya), Bas, Ino (yes he?s alive), Campbell, Shiro, Togawa, Diago and many many players who are really good that I?ve never heard of. The three CVS2 machines are constantly being played and the scary thing is that most of characters played are mid-tier (hibiki, rock, rolento, joe, raiden, eagle, kyo etc) I think I had 3 wins altogether (none consecutive) during my time there, look nowhere else if you wish to play CVS2 in Japan. The ST comp (3 machines too) is even crazier then the CVS2 comp with top players such as, More Vega (dictator), Muteki Guile (2nd best guile after kurahash) and his pretty girlfriend who plays a mean-ass chun-li, Noguchi Fei-long, Sky-high-claw balrog and a shitload of old guys in business suits playing a variety of characters. I pretty much gave up playing ST after one game against more vega and decided to become a spectator after that.

Club Sega (Shinjuku store) ? at least 3 floors, location of X-mania 6 (Japanese ST nationals). I was lucky enough to witness the best ST tournament in Japan along with Buktooth and Kindevu who lost interest after 5 minutes and decided to play KOF XI. For the tournament they had about 12 ST setups along with hella tvs everywhere to let the large crowd watch the matches. They also hooked up a direct feed to the 42 inch tekken net plasma TV for the finals and semifinals. The semifinals was between bro-chun (best chun-li)/more vega (best vega)/giant (evo 2k5 ST champ) and bro-ken (best ken)/forgot/forgot. The match pretty much went like More Vega killing the first two guys and bro-ken coming back to OCV the rest of their whole team. The last match between Giant and bro-ken was the craziest. Half screen throws against dhalsim then jab uppercut jab uppercut setups and the match was over in 15 seconds, Giant didn?t even know what hit him. In the Grand Finals Muteki guile ocved bro-ken?s entire team to win the tournament. People that say America is on par with Japan in ST are way over their heads. Japan is definitely on another level in ST and X-mania made that apparent. Anyone of the players who were in the top 5 teams could have won ST at evo without too much trouble. Ohnuki getting 2nd every year at evo is the best example, that fool only plays ST once a year.

Club Sega (Akihabara store) ? 6 floors, major place for 3D comp, only 100 yen arcade I played at in Japan. We went to this arcade only to meet bas and random players up since it?s right next to the train station. 8 VF4 setups and 6 T5DR setups, main place where Ohnuki plays VF4.

UFO Game (Machida), 50 yen games ? Buktooth, Kindevu and I met up with OTK and his friend to play some CVS2 at this arcade, then Ryan Harvey (Fubarduck) and his crew of 3S players randomly show up too (isn?t japan a small place???) So I play Fubarduck in 3S and this fool has gotten hella better since he left Texas, definitely Evo final 12-8 material imo. Some new anti Yun tricks Chun-Li players now use in Japan: Against full meter Yun half to full screen the players would buffer qcf and wait for Yun to activate Geneijin, as soon as the animation from super comes out player would hit qcf again with kick and chun-li would catch Yun with super while Yun is still recovering from super activation. Sounds way harder then it is and requires a very specific timing. Good thing is that it makes Yun players think twice about activating anywhere on the screen since chun-li super does hella damage and kills most of the geneijin bar. Rumor is that MOV can do this trick perfectly. I also played two other top 3S players in Machida and I?ve never seen players this well rounded in 3S ever. This one Chun-li player who Fubar told me was 2nd best in Machida can perry low forward super against chun-li perfectly every time. The only time I saw him miss it was at TRF (look further down the arcade list) when he was trying to perry with one hand and light a cigarette with the other. He also plays a super solid Yang and Dudley (and half the other 3S cast according to Fubar). I?m usually a big fan of Yun-Dudley matches from playing Dutchforce and Turtler all the time but this fool had me running all over the place. I eventually beat him but barely, there is hope in this world after all. I also got to play this one Hugo player who could red perry low short against Yun every single time during geneijin, he also did walk up 720s in my face and a bunch of other crap that I?ve never seen. I finally beat him after about 6-7 tries then he picks Yun and kara-palms me to death. I love Japan! He also could red perry the third hit of the jab-short-strong chain against Yun about 90% of the times. I love japan again!!! So I head over to CVS2 and continue to lose 10 more games to Kindevu, OTK, his friend who plays A-groove Vice and Buktooth. Overall I spent over 2500yen at UFO that day, at least it was money well spent.

Cats Eye (Machida) ? So after our stint at UFO Kindevu wanted to go here and play KOF XI, crazy thing about Machida was that they had about 10-15 arcades and pachinko parlors on one street! I played some more 3S here and took out my frustration on a couple of random Japanese scrubs. This arcade was really nice with 4 floors and hella games such as 16 man counterstrike set-ups and like 8 T5DR machines.

Beat Tribe (Machida) ? So after 3 hours Kindevu is still not satisfied and wants to go to Beat Tribe and play some more KOF XI (he must really enjoy that game). Anyway it was only down the street so we make our way down the street and had some random beef bowls on the way there. For those of you not familiar with the world of 3S, Beat Tribe is the co-host along with Game Newton to the cooperation cup series, which is considered as the biggest and best 3S tournament in Japan. So I walked down the stairs to the basement and expected to see like at least 4-5 3S machines and hella people playing, instead I only see one machine and no one playing. On top of that the place was tiny! I could barely walk between cabinets and I?m definitely not a fat person. So I was kind of disappointed then Campbell tells me that 3S is set on 2 credits for 50 yen, so we sit down and continue to burn some more money. Eventually I found out that they actually have hella 3S boards and they move most of the cabinets out during tournaments. Overall I think we spent about 10+ hours spread between 3-4 different arcades and my pocket in the end was 3000 yen lighter.

Seven Islands (Yokohama) ? I came here with buktooth and bas after buying my digital camera. Since bas lives one train stop away from Yokohama he actually plays here enough to consider it his main stomping grounds. He told me he prefers More but could not frequent it more often since it costs around 350 yen each way to Shinjuku. The arcade was really narrow, each floor had only about 10 games but they had like 4-5 floors with the 5th floor being really wide. One of two arcades that I saw with MVC2, unfortunately there was only one guy playing against the computer.

Gamers Vision (One train stop away from Yokohama) ? Probably the most well known arcade in the American scene since it?s owned by KSK. I visited this arcade with Venessa and Kindevu on my last day in Japan before heading out to my farewell dinner. Since we were there around 2 pm in the afternoon the arcade was pretty dead, the only guys playing 3S were vision staff Ichigo (the guy who edits all the ranbats) and KSK himself and some random scrub Yun players who yelled HA-HA every time he did anything that was two hit. So I played Ichigo for about 10 games and this fool has a pretty buff Dudley, after I beat him he went on to play like 5 more characters against me, with great knowledge about all the characters he used. Definitely brought back flashbacks from Machida. So after getting tired of losing most of my games in 3S I walk around the arcade and watch random middle school kids go crazy on 4p Gundam games. Vision is located on the second floor of a home apartment complex, they have four 3S machines and all the latest games crammed into two medium sized rooms. The cool thing I saw were the numerous 3S awards on the wall. Most of them were from 1st place finishes by nuki and other players from vision at numerous Sportsland tournaments (I believe Miu works there). The most impressive were the award certificates from the 1st and 2nd place winning teams at SBO3, since both nuki and KO play at vision alot. UMENUKI!!! After spending about 2 hours there I go to a semi-dinner (since I still had dinner with bas and random more players) with KSK, Kindevu and Vanessa at a curry store down the street. Apparently this curry store is really famous for their insanely large curry challenges with hella pictures of people who beat it plastered all over the wall. The challenge is something like 800g of meat and 300g of rice and some other crap plus shitload of hot sauce and you have to eat all that in 3 minutes. If you win the store pays you 2000 yen and if you lose you have to pay the store 1000 yen which I think is still a good deal since you?re getting hella meat anyway. So we finish dinner and KSK offers to pay for my dinner which I thought was totally unnecessary since I barely knew him. He said that when he was at evo (he?s been to all 4) the Americans paid for all his food. Oh well, guess I?ll just buy him some food at the next evo.

TRF (Nakano, close to Shinjuku) ? The arcade where Michelle works at, also the smallest arcade I?ve ever seen but they still managed to cram like 15 games into the arcade. I also bumped into Ryan Harvey for the first time here along with his Machida 3S crew. The Chun-li player I mentioned from UFO was playing Raoh and he beat him quite handily. We mainly went to TRF because it was Michelle?s last day working at the arcade so hella Japanese players showed up along with random Texas fools like myself, Vanessa and Buktooth. After she got off her shift around 15-20 of us all went to dinner at some Italian restaurant. On a side note TRF has a strict policy against pictures since all their employees are female and all dress up in French maid uniforms. I was lucky enough to get a picture since it was the last day and she couldn?t get fired anyway or if she did I didn?t care. Btw TRF also has about 20 gashapon machines next to the arcade and they would make pictures of the girls who work at TRF and sell them in the machines. Word on the street is that Michelle?s sold out on the first day. Ero-Gaijin is #1

Ace (Tsudanuma) ? The arcade 1 stop away from Otaku?s home. Definitely the nicest arcade I?ve been to during my vacation in Japan. The most amazing part was the bathroom, I don?t know where they got the architect from but the bathroom had an entrance like it was from the caves in a random LOTR movie. They also had two gargoyles sitting in front of the bathroom, crazy stuff. This town was similar to Machida cause they had a ton of arcades on the street along with some semi-sex places. I asked bas what those places were and he said you sit down and talk to the girls. Wonder why you would pay 2000 yen to talk with some random ho for 30 minutes but I heard they would lead you on like give you random phone numbers which weren?t really theirs. Anyway Ace has all the usual games and some crazy ones that I?ve never seen like 4 player spawn on 4 single player cabinets. 4 player dungeon and dragons. The arcade also have some crazy ass comp in the most random games such as: Joe Joe?s Bizarre adventure, Spawn, Tetris, Virtual Tennis and a game called MVC2. Ace is really close to the ramen store where Buktooth performed his infamous ramen noodle challenge which I experienced for myself.

We have to watch those matches when you get back. Poker at Lay’s while watching Japanese wackiness!

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Sugar Land: can you elaborate on what you saw with Mr. Big exactly? I have watched some Japanese tourneys where he wins a lot, but also a lot of tournies where he just gets his ass beat, by like good Hanzo and Robert. I was under the impression that NGBC would just be a Mr. Big/Kim fest, but since playing the game I really don’t feel that he is THAT good now (meaning unbeatable). Could you shed some light on what you saw with him? The characters who I’ve made my main now (Mudman and Chonshu), I definitely think I can handle Mr. Big (But maybe sheer confidence speaking, since I haven’t played a good Mr. Big yet). But I think Mudman is ridiculously good. Hit me back!

ps. yes Japanese arcades are too smoky. I wonder if they have masks available just for that! :annoy:

NGBC was pretty much dead wherever I went, the few times that I saw the game in action it was pretty much a big pokefest with Mr.Big, he also seems to have frame advantage after opponents block his fireball. I have no idea what his moves are so I can’t really elaborate on why he is cheap. He is the only character ranked S class by arcadia and Kindevu uses him. Cheapness

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