My Introduction (Questions Inside)

Hey, I’m a long time 2-D fighter fan who has just recently gotten into cvs2. I’m amazed how well it meshed some of the best fighting games in existance. In this thread I am looking for some pointers on the topics I’ve listed below, if you want to just repond to 1 or 2, then you can just type a response with the corresponding number from the topic.

1.) My team that I have been using has been Hibiki (lvl1) Ryu (lvl1) and Joe (lvl2). I just want to know if there is anything freakishly wrong with this team. From what I’ve seen on this forum, choosing characters is unimportant, it’s the mastering of the tactics that really counts.

2.) I’ve been using C-Groove, mostly because with C I don’t really have to worry about it. I like rolling (though lately my friend likes to grab me right out of a throw) and air blocking, but I don’t utilize much of anything else, especially canceling. I was thinking of venturing into N groove, seeing that it’s like C grooves better half. Is this a good idea?

3.) Combos - Is there a good website other then gamefaqs that has some really good combos that are not A groove based? And even when i find some, it seems that my characters are not really combo savy.

4.) What are good combo starters / moves that can go into specials with these 3 characters? Or where can I find these out? I have found some on my own, but like ryu’s med punch in the air opens the enemy wide open after a hit, it is quite hard to plant with the lack of range.

5.) Where can I get a list of the “Tiers” that the characters are in (my friend always talks about how the top tier is only capcom guys except one, i dont really know what he’s talking about).

6.) I have the dreamcast version, but i play my friend on the XBOX. There seems to be a large difference in the joysticks, should I save up and get an X-Arcade stick? Or just try to master both controllers. Does the X-Arcade make it easier?

I can’t wait to follow this forum for a while, training, eventually getting xbox live, and hopefully fighting some of you some day. 2D fighters are a dying breed in this age of “niche gaming”. But the best thing about 2D’ers, is that only true gamers get in this deep.

Sorry for such a long first post.

welcome ginsu!

i don’t have enough time to answer all of your questions, but i’ll just say to go to the character specific forums and at the bottom of the page, set the “show thread from … the beginning.” this way you’ll get to see everything that has been posted on that specific character since the crash. i’m sure you’ll find 95% of your beginner questions in old threads.


As for joysticks, the two best options are to make your own or get a Mas stick. The X-Arcade should probably be avoided. Check out the Hardware Support forum for more info.

This is a fighting game, so yes, character choice does matter. Quite simply, some characters have more options, more tricks, or less bad matchups than others. The better team you pick, the more likely you are to win… but it depends on skill to impliment this.

See tier listings for ways to improve your team, but don’t pick top-tier charas at the expense of fun. Who wants to face Sagat every game?

Your choice of groove should depend on the characters you intend to choose. ie if you are going to pick a team that includes Sakura and Bison, it makes sense to go A-Groove, as that is their best groove.

As such, think about your characters first, and then decide on a groove that suits them.

As for your question, C-Groove is better than N-Goove for two main reasons. 1- Air Block, 2- you can store your lvl3 super. Overall, N Groove is more fun because it provides you with movement options (short jump, run, counter movement, etc) but the lack of the above 2 points makes it hard to win at tournement level. N Groove is fine to play around with though.

What Popoblo said.

Ummm… same as 3. Goto the character forums.

Classic all purpose Ryu combo:, cr.lp, cr.hp xx hp fireball (or fireball super)

In response to your Q about tiers, this is all still a matter for debate and there are numerous entire threads devoted to it. Just look at the old threads and see.

As a summary, here is a general list of characters that most consider to be top tier (no particular order):

A Groove-Sakura, due to high damage custom combos whether blocked or not.
A-Bison, again high damage cc
Any groove Blanka, but mostly C, A, and K, good at everything.
C/K-Sagat, abusable normals (cr.fierce etc), high damage.
C/K/A-Cammy, the true scrub favourite, abusable normals (st.hp, etc), easy combos into supers.
C-Chun Li, as above.

Of course most of the rest of the cast are usable, but generally have a few more rough matchups than the charas above. Some might argue to include some others in the top tier list, or drop some, so dont think this is absolute.

By general agreement, only Kyosuke is “unusable-tier”. Choose any characters you like!

6- Get a mas stick.