My initial Tron combos

This is by no means the official combo thread, i don’t want the responsibility here, i already got that going on in the zero forums. But i would like to share my initial tron combos to perhaps get some peoples heads thinking. Here are a couple that i use.

FYI my team is Zero/Sentinel/Tron

BnB combo for damage:

Get in close, whether it be from a jump in or a drill from max range made safe by sentinel assist, Start combo if not from a drill that use a drill to start the launch.

From a hit drill, :m:, :f::m:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, land, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:s:, :d::h:, :f::h:, Call zero assist gamma (most multi hit assists should work, call it as soon as she picks up the rock), :qcf::atk::atk: [does about 500k damage]

I find that for some reason comboing into lunch rush does more damage that king servbot, unless someone else figures something out for it this is the highest damaging combo off 1 bar i have found so far.

If i am not looking for damage, but also for a possible mix up or if zero is dead i do the following.

Safe as before from a drill, :m:, :f::m:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, land, :f::m:, j:s:, (opponent is bounced.)

From here you can do one of 4 things

  1. :l:, resets them, into a command throw into :d::h:, :f::h:, call assist, :qcf::atk::atk:
  2. :l:, resets them, into :qcf::h:, which lets you restart a combo on them.
  3. from the bounce, :qcf::a1: or, :qcf::a2: if you want to kill a certain person on their team, like phoenix before she gets 5 bars.
  4. :qcf::atk::atk:, generally i only do this if it will kill them or if i am trying to DHC or if zero is dead.

These are the current combos that i use, any criticism is appreciated also maybe this will be a jumping off point for some of you.

Put up a video of myself in training mode doing combos in response to this.
As for the transcript.

  1. j H, st. M, towards M, j M, j M, j H, st. M towards M, j M, j M, j S, st. S, j M, j M, j H, j S, Call hulk(or other OTG assist), qcf L, King servebot, st. H, Lunch Rush.

  2. Same thing as above, but after the air MMHS, otg with cr. H, do towards H and call magneto (or most assists that keep someone airborne) at the same time, and the King Servebot, st. H, Lunch rush.

  3. cr. L, cr. M, st. H, H Drill, st. M towards M, j M, j M, j S, st. S, j M, j M, j H, j S, Call hulk(or other OTG assist), qcf L, King servebot, st. H, Lunch Rush.

And while I didn’t do it in the video, after a command grab, you can otg with cr. H and do the same combo with magneto I did in one of the combos in order to get a lot of damage of the command throw.

This is excellent you replaced my bnb! lol, however i will say that i feel that a reset is still valid, and my “reset” combo is the same way that you start your first combo.

EDIT: I hate to break it to you, but that second combo does 759k damage. And a simple j:s:, :s:, j:m:, j:m:, j:h:, j:s:, :d::h:, :f::h:, :a1:, :dp::atk::atk:, :h:, :qcf::atk::atk: does 836k, more damage for half the work.

Yah the reset is absolutely viable, and should be used as such. Also, I have recently found that replacing any st. M’s with cr. M’s raises the damage fairly signifigantly, in the first combo it jumps from around 750K to closer to 800K.

YouTube - scarsofzsasz’s Channel

Tron combo I made up that can be started by either j.H, L SPD, or H Drill. All only in Corner.