My idea of a fantasy hack n slash RPG series

The protagonist would be a homage to fantasy warrior women like Red Sonja. She would have as big as a fanbase as other female gaming protagonists like Lara Croft and Samus Aran. She would look either something like this or this. Like other hack n slash RPGs, you would wear tons of outfits and use lots and lots of weapons in each game, as well as some use of magic. You’d also face tons of different monsters as well as different deities in each game.

The most unique thing about this series is that each game would have its own fantasy setting (kinda like the D&D campaign settings). The first game would have a LoTR/WoW type setting. Another game would have a gothic setting similar to games like Diablo and Demon’s Souls. Another game would have a post-apocalyptic, desert world kinda setting. Another game would have an oriental setting with influences of cultures from China, Japan, Korea, etc. Another game would have a more mythical setting with strong influences from Celtic, Norse, and Arthurian mythologies. Just to name a few.


But seriously, where are the pictures of delicious redheads? That’s the first thing I though of when you mentioned Red Sonja.

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She can have red hair, those were just examples. Someone on Deviantart has a similiar character with red hair called Tyra. Another character like Raven, from Richard Kirk, also has blonde hair. I could care less what her hair color is.

I want to help you out a bit. If you’re serious about video game ideas you have to flesh out your thoughts more than that. I’m not trying to be mean, but from what I read it sounds more like a child is writing this.

This for example.

Exactly how is that unique. Just about every fantasy RPG series has its own setting. Its redundant to mention it when you state that it’s a fantasy game in the first place. You also don’t mention gameplay, characters, story, hardly anything. If you’re really serious about creating games then ask for advice at a game career forum like or

Now if you had came at us with something along the lines of a game had you travel to different worlds and each world had its own unique setting and systems you had to adjust to, that would be kinda cool. Make it all in real time with a few static elements that you could rely on. A huge cast of unique characters that you could at to your crew, but only so many that would be willing to work together unless certain conditions were met. Like a mix of SOM, Phantasy star, and Suikoden or Chronocross.

Really, alot of the mmo’s are attempting to do this already, or at the very least make you fall in love with the world they have and add enough depth to it(or gimmicks) that it will keep you coming back for more.

Since this thread is essentially shit, what do you guys think would make the perfect console/pc rpg?

And can we keep that East versus West crap to a minimum children? We are just giving opinions here, no need to hurt each others feelings lol.

I’m not really trying to make a game, just wondering what you guys would think.

Basically the protagonist’s primary world could either be a usual Middle Earth/Greyhawk/Dragonlance type world or a more diverse world like Forgotten Realms. Other worlds would be inspired by other campaign settings like Ravenloft, Dark Sun, Planescape, etc.

Angelpalm, each game would certainly have what you said, like a huge cast of characters. There would also be many non-human races in them. I’m not to sure about her actually traveling to those worlds though. Like I said, the additional worlds would be as if they’re campaign settings on a pen/paper RPG. As for weapons, many would include swords, daggers, axes, maces, flails, hammers, polearms, spears, bows, crossbows, etc. You would wear tons of outfits including leather, fur, armor, as well as things related to different cultures. If one game had a setting in feudal Japan, some outfits would be like this, this, and this.

I am thinking this game would be a lot more succesful if it contained rape.

Then that would pretty much give it an AO rating. As for the protagonist, instead of being overly tough, she would have a strong, yet sensual kind of personality and very down to earth.

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Wow. Looks like you just created a whole game there.

You truly are the Video Game master.

Also, you could do all kinds of different jobs, like either be a fisherman, a dragon slayer, an escorter, a spy working for a king, etc. You could also be in the middle of a battle of 50 against 50, with you leading one side. There would be one part where you visit a village and its people would tell you about a certain monster that’s been terrorizing them for quite some time and they want you to kill it, kinda like Beowulf having to kill Grendel.

if you want to share your super cool awesome sweet ideas you had for a video game, the gamefaqs forums would be a much better place to do so, and you’ll get a far better reception over there.

your ideas are just too plain and generic, and even if they weren’t, nobody cares about ideas for video games from someone who in all likelihood is in no position to develop said game.

What is with this bitch ass generation and preferring female leads? Where yo balls at? What the fuck is obsession with using either cute little loli girls or xena-type amazon bitches as video game leads? Am I missing something.

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First off, the protagonist isn’t a little girl,and second, this game isn’t anime, so what are you talking about? I don’t see anyone bitching about Lara Croft.