My Hard work has paid off "The limits you feel are all in your head, IGNORE THEM"

Step one of my long journey has paid off Jason Laboy newest DMG PR staff | Dominion Method Gaming Step 2 will make me a roster player in all due time.

Awesome! So what sort of stuff will you be working on for DMG?

congrats man :slight_smile:

I’m helping with sponsorship proposals at the moment. I also recorded every match Inthul had at NEC this past weekend so I’m doing some of that as well. I am also bringing new ideas to the table to help promote the brand DMG.

Thats awesome man,good luck.

Congrats on the position Jason!

you definatly deserve it man, keep it up! and congrats ^^b

Thanks guys. I will have those Inthul matches up soon. I was looking at one yesterday when he was playin Dandi and he hit Rose with the full 3 hits of the CW>cl.hp>Super. It was sick it took 60% of her life with just the combo. Whats also funny you hear Chris Hu in the back ground of many of the videos saying “he’s so cheap”

You get paid for this ?

Nice broheim, good luck. gotta be progressive.

If pad holds any real advantage for Fei, it’s that combo. Getting the inputs in quick enough is soooo hard on stick :frowning:

Not money wise. Since I am a member I now have all DMG members on my friends list to fight against at will to raise my skill. So that is a plus. If I get some deals completed that net us some money it will pay for my trips to tournaments like EVO, SB6, ECT3 and so forth. I also get a shit that says DMG with my GT on the back like the rest of the team. So that?s a nice perk. In the end I am doing this for the love of the game and the fun it brings along. If people always try to do something for some type of capital gain then they might miss out on opportunities that could gain them exp for bigger positions down the road.

I laughed pretty hard when I read that; I’m so immature hehe.

Anyway, congratulations on the deal you’ve got, I’m pretty darn jealous. Though, I’m pretty darn jealous of everyone who lives in America with any sort of chance to go to the bigger tournies :frowning: