My gf hates fighting games

My GF of 4 years has come out to me and told me she hates it when i play street fighter…mainly becuase it takes up the only tv we have in the house and that the button clicking on my fight stick annoy the hell out her…Shes a gamer also and we play lots of games together like wow and mario and some other stuff…but i loves my ssf4 and yet when i play she gives me a sign and a shake of the head. is there any way i can attempt to resolve this or am i doomed to never play fighting games again?

Put your pants on in the relationship.

i think what you should do is refrain from calling it a “fight stick.”

Has she played Super Turbo??


Buy another TV and mod your stick with quieter buttons. Sanwas are loud as fuck.


Meaning that I just wanted to echo the previous statement, but required 4 characters in the post.

Huh, I learn something new about internet protocol every day!

Looks like it’s time for a new gf.

But seriously, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. She was probably just mad at you about something else and decided to chew you out for your loud stick-touching. You may wish to stave against her onslaught of words and then counter with a quip about something she does that annoys you. If she’s feeling aggressive she’ll nag about something else you do, but just keep blocking. The best offense is a good defense, they say. When you find an opening in her ranting sneak in with a few jabs about her weight and try to hit-confirm into an ultra about how you think she’s taking up too much of your time and you need your space. With any luck she’ll run out of the room crying and you can consider it a victory. Otherwise, if she keeps trapping you in the corner you’ll win eventually with stalwart defense by time over when she falls asleep.

I should feel bad about laughing at this, but I don’t.

Seriously though, the OP should have a little sit down with the lady to see why she disapproves of Street Fighter. If it’s because she believes that CvS2 is better, then she’s a keeper.

Better yet put OP in the relationship thread.

  1. You could start by getting a monitor to play on so you’re not taking up the one TV with a game she doesn’t like, and a monitor would probably cost less that a new TV.
  2. you could get quieter buttons or just play on a pad with 6 buttons on the front.
  3. Whatever you do DON’T attempt to teach her SF to solve this problem

Follow those 3 and you should be good.

If you play WoW on a monitor, get a VGA cable for your console. And along the lines of what Spinning Beat said, replace Sanwas w/Seimitsus. They’re quieter, but have a little more resistance. Invest in a pair of earplugs or closed headphones for your gf. Schedule your SSF4 time so you’re not playing when her favorite shows are on. Since this is a love/hate thing, be prepared to work out a compromise.


and this.

I remember my buddy had 2 of our friends move into his house (temporarily) and one of them is a fighting game nut. When SF4 came out, they said they could hear the button tapping on his fight stick 'til like 2am. The other 2 guys aren’t gamers and by the time the gamer moved out, they were able to tell what combos and characters were being based on the timing of the button presses. lol

turn gay cause you’ll be more likely to find a boyfriend who likes ssf4 than a girlfriend

Wait until she’s asleep, and steal your balls back from her purse.

Your girlfriend plays wow so I am suspecting that she isn’t much to look at and probably smells. Dump her for a chick that can afford her own tv.

Fight stick is the worst new phrase to come out of SF4.

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