My four star account went ghost!

Hey, so my account that went under the name TheKingofParody just upped and disappeared with whatever transition or site overhaul that recently happened over the past few days.
What is really disturbing isn’t that my account somehow got deleted by the transition that took place, or whatever SRK did on the vanilla forums,… but the fact that every single one of my 1,000+ posts got deleted in the process.
I really don’t care about my account somehow disappearing… what I do care about is that I posted alot of video links in the Juri, Guy, Ibuki, Vega, Hakan, and Abel Ultra SF4 threads. And everything is all gone. Every single post. Every single vid link.

Like… wtf happened SRK?
What exactly happened where 1000+ posts of a four star account just ups and disappears without a trace?
I’m gonna call in a few mods that will remember me see if I can get an explanation… if possible…a technical explanation as to how something like this could happen. Again, its not the disappearance of the account that I mind. I can just easily create a new one. Like this present one. Its the fact that a thousand plus posts can just magically disappear like that without a trace.

@Valaris @d3v what happened here?
And just in case…@Preppy @Mr.Wizard

Go look up TheKingofParody account. You won’t find it. Lol, go look up or better stated try to look up any post of mine. You won’t find one. For example d3v, you know I posted up alot on the Star Wars thread… yet not a single post of mine is up. All gone.

SRK is making me trip balls right now.
Its like …i feel like I’m in some movie where the character disappears from existence including everything they did from history. Lol, like Marty McFly in Back to the Future when he started vanishing along with everyone in his family in that photo while he was playing guitar at the school dance.
Hilarious. Way to go SRK. ya gone done it again like Brittany Spears. (-_-)
Call my account Casper cuz all my posts just went Ghost!

It seems that @Preppy banned the account for spamming. You might want to take this up with him.

Uh, no way. Spamming? Impossible. More over, its that its every single post that’s gone. Its not that its a few posts that’s erased… its that every one of over 1000 posts have disappeared. I doubt any mod went and erased every post. Besides theres no reason to since I haven’t really even posted anything in the past few weeks… let alone post anything that would cause any mod a disturbance.

There is no like ban…or, ban/jail symbol over my avatar, or notification… its just that my account and every post is wiped outta existence. Check to see for yourself.

From the looks of it, it seems that it may have been a mistake when he was banning some bots, since we usually do not delete someone’s post when we ban for an infraction.

EDIT: Gonna wait for @Preppv (and maybe the other mods) to respond first.

so there wasn’t some overhaul or site fixes that occurred over the weekend that caused this technical glitch? cuz that’s what I thought happened a day or two ago when the website didn’t allow me access. since that’s what usually happens when I cant enter the website at all and it(IE) tells me “connection problems”.

shrugs shoulders. I was just wondering if it was a overnight website fix that caused this glitch. that’s all.
I highly doubt my posts could get retrieved though. dang.

hey! I managed to find the account page. I only managed to bring it up by clicking my username where someone quoted one of my deleted posts.

it does say user banned…but I highly doubt a mod banned me. I think some weird glitch happened where the site “auto banned” me somehow if there was a overhaul? cuz like I said, a mod going out of his way to erasing thousands of posts doesn’t seem plausible. not mentioning the time/effort involved.

but here’s the interesting thing.
if you click the comments tab located under the avatar…it says ,.lol. swear to God,…it says and I quote “This user has not made any comments yet.” yet right above you can see 1.1k lols, and hundreds of emotive button clicks numbers.


oh SRK. you never cease to amaze me.

There’s no effort or time involved to delete all posts. It’s literally a button we have access to.
I don’t have an explanation as to what happened though.

ah, I see. well, I do know no mod coulda accidentally deleted/banned me. so I’m gonna assume it was a website glitch.

I do remember that when I created that account I was never able to confirm my email.
I remember I created the account, and the website of course was supposed to send the email confirmation to my email address. it never did. I checked my inbox and even my spambox, but no email confirmation was sent. And it was a newly created email address so it literally had 1 or 2 emails in the inbox and zero email in the spambox. I checked a million times but no email confirmation message ever appeared in the inbox or spambox.
I even clicked and reclicked over and over again the resend email confirmation tab but for whatever reason it never would send an email confirmation email.

but…since somehow, and I don’t know how, but somehow I was able to post up here without confirming my email.
I do remember on the lower left hand side of the screen it would always say ‘send confirmation email for permission to post’ while logged in but like I said…no confirmation email would ever get sent so I couldn’t.
but again, wasn’t a problem since I could post up here anyway. so I never gave it a second thought.

and that’s how its been for over a year.
but then this happened.
that’s why I asked if there was some sort of site overhaul or website fix…maybe an overall Vanilla Forums update or something that changed technically over the past few days…cuz it somehow caused an auto ban and total erasure of all posts.
again, I don’t think Preppy or any mod accidentally banned and deleted anything since anyone can plainly see at first glance that my account wasn’t a bot.

@Valaris well thanks anyway fellas. I guess only someone tech savy can figure out what happened.

So did preppy also delete the last 2 pages of the PC gaming thread? There was a lot of legitimate discussion in there that just vanished.

If you want, we can unban the account, though I don’t think we can recover all those posts. Not without someone from Vanilla stepping in anyway.

Sounds like the page glitched… ?

My deepest apologies for this. I don’t really trust the Vanilla tools generally, and it looks like I shouldn’t have trusted them here. :\

You’re back as far as can be restored. Again, my apologies. I verify all bans - not sure WTF happened here but clearly I owe you a steak or something at Evo. =P

Motherfuckers need to not abuse the spam flags.

nah. its not the account I cared about. it was all the vid link posts of SF4 matches and some posts at the android plus star wars threads I cared about since I posted a few interesting image and vid links like the Ralph McQuarrie art and stuff. its ok. I really didn’t care about the account, just those particular posts that are a bummer to disappear.

thanks to all the mods. I appreciate all of the concern you guys have shown me. i’ll just stick with this account.

nah, its ok. I mean yeah I’d love for my posts to be back but it sounds like it would become a massive hassle involving some super techy guy going through tons of effort. its cool. I don’t want a The Manhattan Project level of effort involved for someone or some folks to get into for just little ole me. I just wanted a technical explanation for how something like this coulda happened but I think only a vanilla forums tech guy could explain it. I don’t wanna be that much of a bother to someone.

thanks again to all the mods who kindly responded. sincere bros.


I just checked my old account and not only is my account active but more importantly all my posts are back!
oh shit! how’d you guys manage to get all my posts back?!?! sheeeit you guys are freaking magicians, I swear.
you guys are the best!
tips hat and bows

Fwiw your posts are already back. :tup:

The forums have gone crazy in the last few days, at least on the two threads that I visit the most: the PC gaming thread at General Discussion and the Warrior’s Fate thread at Fanfiction Library. It probably has to do with that.

I got several spam flags because of repeated posts that i didn’t even make.

When you get unmarked as a possible spambot, it decides to publish any backlog associated with your account. It does weird things. The Verified/Not Verified/Spam/Not Spam implementation on Vanilla is … what it is.

Can we go back to Xenforo and blue steel? Somehow the site not working at all seems less glitchy.