My fists will give you Amnesia! - The Rufus Video Thread

[LEFT]Use this thread to post up some Rufus vids, whether they’d be your own or other cool ones you see on YT or NicoNico.

Here’s some of that Rufus mastermind, Inco (match is at 2:52)

[LEFT]I really like the synergy he has between Hwoarang and Rufus. I was experimenting (read stealing) with this team and on average you can get nearly 400 damage off any hit confirmable tag cancel or Cross Rush (or more!)

Here’s Justin vs Arturo at the SXSW IPL event:




A lot of Rufus play from both Mago and Tokido. They may be getting on the Rufus bandwagon.


This is a short and simple video recorded by me playing an extreme rushdown strategy against an online opponent. The player was actually pretty good and maintained his defence well. (Make sure if you watch to read the description)