My first tournament

Hey SRK,

I’m planning on competing in my first tournament (local game center). Unfortunately for me, the people hosting the tourney only have the PS3, and my fightstick is a 360 one. What should I do? I prefer not to mod my stick unless it doesn’t require soldering. Thanks

Also any other advice on doing well?

If you don’t want to mod your stick then you have 3 options I suppose…

  1. Buy a ps3 stick
  2. Borrow someone’s ps3 stick
  3. Go to another tourney (360)

Honestly getting a stick for both systems is worth it if you plan on going to tournaments with any regularity

alright, I’m thinking about getting the arcade fightstick SE (currently own a te).

i heard about problems though with the washer and the PCB when the SE first came out. is this something i should still be worried about?

Nah, it shouldn’t be a problem with the ones that you buy now. The buttons do suck ass though, very much recommend changing them out. It’s a very easy process and you can look up tutorials on youtube. They have the SE going for 50 dollars right now on Amazon, and when you replace the buttons from lizardlick, it’s about 30 bucs more.

Okay thanks, I’ll check those sites out.

Hah, you’re in luck it’s going for 40 right now