My first time going to any tournament, have some questions

  1. Need a badge for playing betas?

So people who are just coming to watch and play casuals (I would compete but I get pretty nerve wracked when lots of people watch me play, and my stick is kind of broken.) can’t play betas like SFxT? This is my first time going since I am 16 and my dad has decided to take me, but I am interested in SFxT, it says you need a badge to play betas, how do you get one?

  1. Is your own stick required for casuals also?

Like I said before, my stick is pretty busted and I don’t have any money for a new one. Start button is broken and stick is kind of out of shape. Do setups usually just have their own sticks or what? I don’t have any friends who have a stick or even play fighting games so I am not going with anyone who has their own for me to borrow.

You get the badge by paying the venue fee, 70 bucks now. If you pay that, you might as well enter at least one tournament because its only ten bucks more. And if this is your first time, i highly recommend entering. Even if you get nervous, the only way to break that is to play in those situations.

As for casuals, you’ll either need your own controller, or ask someone to use theirs. Some people are cool with letting other people use their sticks, other people not so much.

Yo, you picked the best event of them all to be your first. B5 was my first every Tournament – it’s a great experience and preps you really well for every other local you play in. The stakes always feel so much smaller and less nerve racking because, well, they are.

Lol you should definitely enter.