My first sticks

I turned this

into this

and painted

my other one using happ parts

the only tools i had at my disposal were these

if i have more time i will upload the pics of the control panels so i can show you how hard of a time i had with them.

And to think all this started because some guy at gamestop said i should make my own :lovin:

Looks good, did you follow the slagcoin example build? I’m just waiting on my buttons and stick to get here, the box has been sitting assembled, drilled, and routed for a week or two now. Hope mine turns out as good as yours!

Oh yeah, I have that same drill, it kicks ass and smells like ozone eh?

thanks man and yep that bleach build was his example build the happ one however was my custom. and yes this drill is the s***. i wish i had a router it would have made everything so much easier i wish i could find a cheap one that was decent

hehe I like the toolbox stick. I’m about to make my own stick (once I start ordering parts). I’m kind of scared of the wiring part.

The tool box stick is fantastic. Going to a friend’s house to lay out a beating and don’t want to toss your stick in a backpack? Great, use the handle!

That is some magic you got there blklightning21.
If I were to send you a plastic toolbox, you can make it turn into wooden Case?
Give me details.

Good work.
I like the handle thing.
Cord wrapper?