My first online SF4 AE match/first match ever

well i havent played streetfighter since a kid, i recently been playing alpha2 on my laptop for fun and decided to get SF4AE. i didnt even do arcade mode or anything i jumped right into online play cause ive been itching to acually play a person for a long time. i picked ken cause hes my fav character and i went against someone playing Sakura. All he did was spam his projectile. id do the same to cancel it out when i would jump over he anti-air me with a low sweep. this was all the person did the whole time i was kind of frustrating. is there a way around this.? I played a bunch of other matches and it also seems people do is mash d3 -_-

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If you have any means to record your sessions do post them here. There’s peeps who can help.

try using a focus attack to absorb the fireball, then do a quick double tap (to perform a dash).

It takes a bit of experience to realize what’s going on in a match, but don’t get worked up. For starters, my advise is to have patience. Pick a character and stick with him. Learn what they do and what they’re capable of (normal moves, special moves, supers, ultras, etc.). I know this sounds basic but it’s crucial to know what your character is capable of to make better use of his/her toolset. Why don’t you try watching SSF4 matches on YouTube? Check out YogaFlame24. He’s always putting up high-level matches. Watching other players play is always insightful. As Abel says, this games is a lot about analysis, predictions and reaction.

there is a really easy way to beat players like this ken. they will just kill themselves if you have some patience.

  1. punish all blocked uppercuts with your strongest punish. for gief, that’s close 360+K (atomic suplex). if you’re not comfortable doing that, at least nail him with a sweep.
  2. stand in range for him to jump at you. he will eventually jump. crouch, then lariat at the last moment (all three punches) to anti air, giving you some damage and a knockdown.
  3. if his ultra bar is flashing, he’s gonna do it eventually. block more often in situations where you think he might try to hit you, then punish the ultra with your own.
  4. when you score a knockdown, try to cross him up by jumping over his body and doing gief’s body splash (down + fierce punch in the air). this will mess with his uppercut motion.
  5. against someone who constantly does unsafe moves (eg. shoryuken), and you are in a situation where you can choose to either press a button or block, you should block.

ive come to realize its hard as fuck to play Zangeif without an Arcade stick doing his command grabs with a pad is super hard imo. right now im just trying to get a feel for the game. im looking to get my first stick in a week or two so that should be better, i used to only play fighting games at arcades growing up so it should be fun.