My first mod: Pelican salvage (with yummy pics!)

So quick story. I need an arcade stick but I don’t have the money for a nice customized or whatever and figured maybe I should just customize my old stick.

So I took it apart and well… I don’t think I can even salvage the case or PCB that this stick has.

Thats right, those are suction cups. No wires with these buttons. Suction cups instead.

The PCB itself.

That is the whole stick itself. One giant spring and thats it.

And the case.

So my question is can I do something out of any of this? Or am I better off maybe just building my own stick from scratch or what? What exactly is the cheapest thing to do?

u should post this in the custom stick thread.
how tall is the case itself? it needs to be about 3inches to fit happ or 2inches to fit sanwa. measure how big the wholes are for the buttons. idk if u can make a stick fit it would take a ton of work. i would have just bought a hrap2

That case has a pretty small profile. You might be able to put Jap parts in there, unless you can extend the profile somehow.

Aww how cute! Its a whole 1 in! The thickest part is roughly 1 1/2 in.

Darn, well I think I’m going to go out and buy my own wood/frame/PCB/blahblahblah and just completely custom build it. That still has to be cheaper then finding a hrap and customizing that.

These sticks are garbage. The case is rounded so no flush button mounts. the holes are too small unless you feel like maybe sanding it flat then putting 24mm’ish buttons in. The pcb always loses a system (if it’s the multi system one). I got like 3 of them when they first came out a few years ago, the pcb’s never lasted and i regretted even paying $5 for em. I think it’s too shallow for a stock sanwa unless you wanna do a hori shaft mod and a trim job on the gate piece. Modding it would require almost as much work as building a plain box from scratch.

And they’re ugly. Sorry dude.

well… some hraps some with all sanwa in them and some come with just the sanwa stick and hori buttons and some come with all hori. if u can find a all sanwa hrap it will work w/o customizing. but u most likely are going to find a sanwa stick and hori button or a all hori hrap

it is harder to make your own stick unless u have all the tools needed to make the case.

Thats the thing that I’m debating over. I am in a mechanical engineering major and pretty much have access to anything that is practically related to making stuff out of wood and metal.

It’s about the same actually.

I first time modding my stick. :wgrin: