My first impresions of Blazeblue

Well I actually started hearing about the game from website and the game wasnt really on my radar( i have been waiting for KOFXII) i saw some reveiws and wa s poking aroung hear looking for info and thought what the heck go buy it. THAT was a hassle after callingalmost 15 stores there was a Game Crazy near my work that had one LE copy left wohoo!. So i get home and go right into the game and i pretty much get PWND for 3 hours except when i was using Jin my second day was more of the same . I FInally decided I was too used to street fighter and watched the instructional BLue ray that came with the game. Light bulb finally came on and I started understanding it more. The more I play the more I like it and the animations are TOP notch in HD!



OP, you don’t happen to live in Colorado Springs, CO do you? I work at a Gamecrazy that had a leftover LE copy that someone didn’t pick up so I’m seeing if this isn’t an astronomical coincidence.

i live in northern virginia

It’s awesome that you like the game, it’s a fantastic one. Please use the review thread next time or GD for things like this next time.