My first EVO ever. Want to join me?

What up?

You guys probably saw several of my posts already. I?m basically attending my first Evo next year. These are the fighting games that I am a master in: SF II, SF III, SFA3, MVC, & CVS 2. Here?s the thing? I need some people to attend the event with me. I know it may be a bit early to be posting this but I hate doing things last minute. Anyway, I would love to have my own cheering section. Guys if you plan on attending the tournament next year and want to meet up at Evo please let me know. If any beautiful gamer girls want to come along you are also invited.

My goal is to go deep in the tournament and have some fun while I?m at it. Let?s rep the east coast hard. I live in NYC and plan on signing up as soon as registration begins.

If any Evo vets are out there from the tri state area please holla at me. I never been to an Evo event b4 and I wouldn?t mind someone showing me the ropes in terms of how the tournament operates.



Ok. Nice hustle there buddy. But…it’s October. Don’t you think it’s a tad early to start planning this trip?
Plans have time to change a million times.
I’d heavily suggest making this thread around March-April.

Lol, he lives in NYC and thinks he’s a Marvel master. Go to CTF sometime.


What’s so funny? Is it that hard to believe that NY has skilled players? How can you judge a person’s ability to play a game based on where they’re from or where they live? That shows you’re dumb right there. I’ve seen plenty of dominant players in the tri state area alone. And more often that not NY holds its own.

And why are you wasting time posting nonsense? Do you have a girl? Get a life, jackass. Look… I gotta better things to do so I wont be going back and forth with you loser. This is my first and last message to you.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah you are right. Maybe it is quite a bit ealry. But March is only 5 months away and we know how time flies. I could wait until march-APril but I hate to things at the last minute. And I wont be traveling with anyone I meet here by the way. I was mainly suggessting that we meet up at the event and have some fun that way.

But I will repost this thread in the time you suggested.


March-April is not last minute. Evo is in August.

im interested. never to early to plan…

Dude, the NYC comment is actually about how NYC owns MvC hardcore. The best players in the world live in your city, and play together at CTF. Once you play them, you will understand that, no matter who you are, you’re very far away from mastering the game.

Going to CTF is actually my suggestion on planning the trip also. Get to know the local players and then you can make plans in person with them, which is probably a safer and more reliable way to plan for the trip. Good luck!

Yes it is. If you plan this early, shit is guaranteed to change and you’re going to have to redo everything.

could you BE any dumber??

what does “having a girl” has anything to do with anything? better yet who the fuck came up with the idea of “having a girl=awesome life”? you can have a girl and still have no life OR you can have a life and no girl. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH STREET FIGHTER OR EVO.

his post wasn’t non sense and he wasnt flamming you either. let me know when you hit up CF. we can play some cvs2 since you are a “master” and all lol…

Hi, i’m a gamer girl and would love to be in your fan club at evo

no you are not you colin powel lookin-azz mofo…:tdown:

lol whats up buddy are you back in NY?? I see you are posting about entering sf4 CF tournie.

eh master at those games you are NOT… GUARANTEED (no disrespect man but its the truth)

beautiful gamer girls to tag along??? and you ask someone ELSE if THEY have a girl???:confused:

tell them to get a life when you say you are a “master” at those games???:confused: this is SRK man

Jwong already reps the EC hard in those games…plus we already have other players for that as well…we’re pretty much covered on those areas lol

but hey as i said no disrespect…good day:angel:

Hey dude I’m down to join up, I’m contemplating on attending Evo this year, and it will be my first evo too. I know you’re from the east coast and I’m from CA but hey I got your back dude

I actually laughed out loud when I read this. I’m actually going to respond, since I’m a jackass with no life and have nothing better to do.

No, it’s not that hard to believe NY has skilled players. In fact, it’s very easy for me to believe, because I actually know a thing or two about the FG scene, and know that you are no where near being a master of any of the games you listed. NYC is home to actual masters of the games you listed. Go to CTF, get stomped, then come back and tell me you’re a master.

I think this topic alone is enough to push me to go to Evo just to see him get crushed.

who plans to go to EVO anymore?

i thought ppl just went last minute

like me


gaypig is gay :rofl:

master in… right

lemme guess, you own jwong for free? ha ha ha

don’t take yourself so seriously man, you’ve got A LONG way to the top

wow i just read that… this isn’t b4 man… you clearly don’t know anything even about you’re own community, you don’t need to rep NY, NY has serous rep especially marvel

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