My first avatar i made in a gagillion years, plz rate

<<<<< rate plz, constructive critisism too.

its very good.

Nice avatar.

Animated- good

Background- cool

Great work!!!

nice stuff man,love the bubbles part…keep it up.


it’s cool.
however, i have one big problem with it. it’s that, your text and glowing animation, distract me from the pic itself. i take it, the person in the back is your main focus? if so, then the way you have your text standing out like that, causes a hindrance.

to me, it’d look alot better if you made the person in the background stand out moreso. even the fact that i said ‘background’, shows how it’s taken a backseat to the text itself.

maybe it’s just me.

It’s pretty nice:cool:

i c that too. what can i do to make it so that chun stands out more?