My fightpads collection


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Funny you post this thread now, right after I had dreams of using a Sega Pad on new consoles.

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Wow, some of those pads look like super hot garbage, lol. I sometimes wonder what the designer was thinking for some of them. Some beautiful Saturn pads up there, and of course, the NG Pad 2. Do any of those pads have tact switches?

@d3v‌ you will have to try to ebay for a Saturn USB pad, but be ready to pay a mint for it.

When I said “dreams” I literally mean that I dreamt it last night.

Ah, the SNES Asciipad. The memories I had with that thing.
It was the dream controller back in the day (and I still have mine!): exactly the same build quality and everything from the SNES, SFC button-colors, and all the turbo stuff.

Another one that I used back in the SNES days was this one:

The D-pad was made of a very hard plastic, but it still felt pretty good for SSF2. Plus, having the 6-buttons on the face was a lot of fun then too. Most people hated this one because it was pretty big and clunky, and the hard D-pad didn’t help its case either.

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Nice collection, OP.

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I’m a proud owner of the neo geo pad 3, it really is a great pad to play fighting games. Clicky switches will always win my heart. Nice collection but are the more obscure ones any good?

I was very let down by the Hori 2way, because they’re usually known for making solid d-pads, but that one there is too sharp and hurts my thumb after a while, they made the cross-shaped part a bit too thin.

The Hori Fighting Commander (PSX) is decent, having a dualshock style controller with 6 face buttons is pretty cool, but the d-pad is only slightly better than the DS1 and the auto-fire feature is useless.

The ASCii Pad FT feels a lot like those Madcatz FightPads, floaty d-pad, its main flaws are the shoulder buttons, they are positioned in a way that doesn’t make them very responsive.

I currently use the Sega Playstation Pad to play GG XRD, I had Gummo built me a converter with the HFC4 PCB.

I’m done collecting for a while, trying to save money to get into PC gaming.

The snes capcom pad soldier is a glaring omission.

I think i’m in the minority that thinks the Saturn pad ain’t that all good.

I’m kinda with you on that one, so you’re not alone here anyways.

Besides, I’m in the minority who doesn’t actually like Saturn floaty/circular D-pad, and much prefer Nintendo’s design, but that’s probably due to how I learned to play SF2. From what I gather, people like the Saturn D-pad because they put their whole thumb in the middle, and just rotate/tilt the whole thing without moving their finger from the spot. When I learned to play SF2 on the SNES, I used the tip of my thumb, and actually slid the tip of my thumb around the D-pad to press. Hence why the Saturn D-pad never worked for me.

It was good for its time…

What don’t you like about it?

I love the dpad on the saturn and the lower 3 buttons. I wish the upper 3 buttons were the same size as lower buttons and that the controller had a little more weight, but I can look past these misgivings due to the greatness of the dpad.

I am the opposite of you even though I could do the thumb roll on Nintendo dpads. Sony dpads were harder do to this with since they removed the junction externally on their dpad. That is why I don’t like the playstation pads.

Fully agreed on the lower buttons. Actually, I would have liked the size of the lower buttons but the convex shape of the top buttons. Saturn pads aren’t perfect but they’re one of the best pads that I’ve used. The D-Pad was excellent, you could tap directions or roll your thumb. It also wasn’t textured. Sony D-Pads suck ass because of the texture and how it wears on your thumb after long sessions. Eventually the texture wears smooth, but that takes quite a while and it still isn’t comfortable to play on. I didn’t like SNES D-Pads all that much either, those textured arrows in the damn directions… Plus 4 button layout.

My favorite D-Pad is still the XBone D-Pad. Smooth surface for easy motion gliding and it uses tact switches. It’s pretty accurate too, was able to easily do moves without error on it. The main problem is the over all control design. The D-Pad on that controller sits too low, unlike the 360 pad where it is raised to an even height with the rest of the controller. Throw on the assym layout and a 4 button face and no thank you. The only thing I like on that controller is the D-Pad.

GOAT pads:

wow nice pad collection… as much as folks will snub them, they will always have a place in folks memories… this bastard was my first “omg its so advanced… must own!” pad…

A few years ago, I got myself this from eBay:

I was gonna gut it and put in a Cerberus, so that I could use it on my PS3, almost like the prototype design of the controller. Har har. :smiley:
Just never found the time to do it, so it’s still brand new and sitting in its box.

I had that. It was super comfortable, but that circular pad sucked ass. I would often get accidental Up + B when playing Ninja Gaiden or Castlevania, so I would always go back to the original pad. The design for the grips was much nicer than the stock pad. Button layout was good, too. I used to use it on Super Spike V-Ball, for which it was awesome, since the circle worked so well in that game.

I always wanted to try those out. How does it feel? Any good?