My fighters dilemma!

Warning, wall of text!

My friends, I have a dilemma, a dilemma surrounding the world of my beloved fighting games.

You see, I love fighting games. The speed, the combo’s, the sheer improbability of a guy spamming fire balls at your opponent, all of this I love, but I have a problem; I can never stick with them.

For me to truly get into a game I need a social group to be with, someone I know to pit myself against to improve, people to laugh with and people to ultimately just screw around with. But yet, no one I ever know is into fighting games. Ever. Whenever I throw the idea out they look at me like I’m the black sheep and instead bring up games about getting called to duty or making some craft stars. It’s been like this no matter where I live, mostly due to being in smaller towns and it’s frustrating to say the least.

I honestly want to learn to play these games and be able to do more then spam my face against my arcade stick (om nom nom, custom stick), I mean I love Blaz Blue, Melty Blood, SF4 and god knows what else I’m missing, but I sit down and start learning combo’s and get burnt out a week later. Sure, I could play against random people but it’s not the same, you get no feed back and the only difference between them and a computer is the skill level.

I find it hard to believe I’m a loan wolf in this regards, so pray tell, what have some of you done to immerse yourselves in the game?

Find people you can play online regularly

Try to start a local scene

Realize that even when playing locally some people are very boring to play with

Regional Matchmaking