My emulator doesn't recognize my gamepad

I’m trying to play my zsnes w/ a psx to usb hub I got from radio shack. I have it installed and have went to control panel -> game controllers -> properties -> and then tested it and all the buttons and the pad work fine and are recognized by my computer. For some reason, my emulator won’t let me configure the gamepad though. Can someone please help?

How do you mean, “it wont let me?”

I mean it’s not recognized by the emulator even though the computer itself says that it works fine.

Aren’t there usually options to tell the emulator what inputs to use, ie. keyboard, controller, etc?

If using MAME, make sure “Enable joystick input” is ticked in properties.

in ZSNES choose joystick instead of keyboard input, and then map every button and direction one at a time then it should work:sweat:

^^Yeah. I did just that. Weird thing is it just started working on its own after a few hours.:confused: I didn’t do anything different. Thanks anyway though guys