My crappy hori stick

ok ive been scanning the tech talk forum lookin for some way to fix my shitty stick i only had 4 bout 3 month and already its fuckin up it just the joystick part that is defective it wont read the down inputs and diagonal inputs and its really fustrating cause when i took it apart press the switch wit my fingers it works fine then when i put the gate n stuff back on it still wont read it so does anybody have any idea why this is happenin and is there a way i could fix this problem

which hori stick is it?

the real arcade pro ex the one in this pic

Pictures of the insides/wiring.

maybe something inside is making contact, the hori board is not common ground and if something is not correctly grounded, will output wrong signals.

What I would do, open the stick, test each switch separate, then test several switches together and see the results, maybe try to reorganize the cables inside.

pic dont work

this is a link to my facebook with the pics!/photo.php?pid=340544&id=100000054273473

from what i could understand mabey something in your stick has scratched up the pcb? if thats the case see if you can replace it with Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Ball Handle Joystick. check this site out Http://