My concept Art for TE stick and a couple question about painting the plastics

Hello all,

I’m a frequent reader and a minimal poster but I wanted to share my artwork that I’ve created for my TE mod and get some opinions.

Also, Does anyone have any recommendations for how to paint the plastic border and side peices? I want to make sure it’s durable and scratch resistant. I know a lot of paints don’t dry hard and don’t stick well. Is there a favorite amonst the forum?

Thanks!! :bgrin:

If you do a search most people don’t use normal spray paint they use vinyl paint(comes in spray paint can) it bonds with the plastic so it doesn’t rub off from normal wear. they sell them at auto shops made for painting interior dash boards and such, you won’t really need a clear coat either

Krylon Fusion works well but vinyl paint works also

Theres a thread on painting the plastic.

Fantastic. Thank you.

Also, Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy replacement parts for these sticks like the plastic/rubber boarder around the plexi?

How about painting the screws? Mine are now rubbed downt to silver. :slight_smile:

Allen head screws come a matte black. You’d be better off buying a new set of allen head screws than painting the ones you have. They’re only like 10-20 cents each at a hardware store. Just bring one of the ones from the TE in and have them match it for you.