My Chinglish MTVBOX and S Video, VGA and SCART

After playing with my MTV box I can get RF well and I could get audio video well and I can extract the audio out of the RF and put it to my audio section.

I could probably help someone else and someone else could probably help me. I could probably help navigate the English menu on Twitch and then transfer it to YouTube for permanence.

Give some help, get some help.
The Chinglish menu talks about S-Video in the book and VGA on the product itself.

This is probably three related questions.
The VGA port is round for the input from other devices. I never got it working but I don’t understand how to ac and I’m not sure if it’s a mislabeling.

Second I’ve heard some weird things about S-Video compatible round ports for computer monitors it has lots of holes and lots of pins. I try to plug an S-Video in there and it doesn’t quite fit.

Finally since this could obviously take composite and RF and according to one thing S-Video maybe there is a SCART RGB mode as an option for the VGA input. If I could either find that or a physical converter maybe since the VGA input is just an interface and it does accept composites in this video maybe there is a 15 kilohertz RGB mode which converts to truest video which would be 31 builted the circuitry. If the main similarities between RF composite and S-Video are they’re all 15 kilohertz TV formats. And basic VGA is 31 kilohertz and the circuitry already does it for RF composite and maybe S-Video then wouldn’t it be relatively easy to put a physical adapter and an option to use RGB something in there? It is differentiated by integrated Audio Plus video on one wire versus Audio Plus video on separate wires but luma and chroma as being on the same wire, and S-Video finally having separate wires for luma chroma either mono audio or left and right audio.

If someone wants to see me run it and help me walk through the menus I could tell you what I know and we can help each other.

It would be kind of cool if one box was able to do everything from integrated to composite to S-Video to possibly SCART, and I already have a device that does ycbcr to VGA that all I need is two converters to play everything.

Cool. 8)