My Body All Over Your Body: The Hugo Video Thread

Let’s get it crackin’. I need a better title.

The Gawd Daigo.

Starts at 4:45

Alucard Hugo footage

I like what im seeing.

don’t those hugo versus deejay matches and hugo versus sagat matches bring to light hugo’s biggest issue

Dont know about deejay but i feel the sagat matchup maybe easier with hugo than with zangief, honestly. st. hp beating st. hk and from sagat is huge… it also beats close range fireballs, cr. mk also beats st. hk/ and high tigershots.

fullscreen is deadly for hugo though, sweet spot is hard to reach, but once you’re there, it’s balanced. The harder sagat tries to get rid of you, the easier.

Speaking of Hugo vs Sagat…

& look at that damage!

WTF is wrong with you people. Go play the game and upload matches!

I am playing it lol, it just hard to win with Hugo, at the moment as im trying to learn option select, and the best bnb combos to use cause I never played the old games with him in it.

That video is insane. How is he doing the armor cancelled into U2? Lot of those things seem so ridiculous!

thanks for posting that video dragonfave. Really, needed a video for reference. Great starting place to learn the combos. I do get DCED on a lot when I’m about to win with Hugo.

is anyone playing with hugo? I am slowly trying to learn him from not playing him in other games… I try to watch videos as I can but it hard for me to get in but I learned that the lariat clothesline is safe on block watch me screw this poison up with it lol

Monster lariat is not safe on block. That Posion player didn’t know how to punish it. Monster lariat is -11 on block and the EX version is -6. Don’t think you can throw it out all crazy all the time.

I don’t. But when I do throw it out and they block how can I get the ultra off right after is it cause they don’t jump? or what

Lariat is -11, and Ex is -6 on block, spaced properly it can kind of be safe, but the reason they are getting hit by ultra is because they’re hitting a button too late so it’s giving you time to input ultra.

my hugo vs arturos dhalsim and rose, not sure how embedding from twitch works, 25:15-31:30


I’m starting a “let’s play” of Hugo, every day I’ll post one of my matches. I’ll try to post interesting matches, but I’m not a pro player.
No editting or commentaries like other “let’s plays”, only the raw matchup video.

Anyways, the first video is now up, lemme know what you guys think:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Jibbo has been putting up some hugo concept vids. Nothing too crazy but good stuff to know.

My scrub ass Hugo. I need to work on my execution : (