My "Blaze Blue" Twin Shock + custom sticks

I started off making custom sticks with Happ and Sanwa parts. I prefer Happ as I grew up with it but I think I will order some octagon gates to help change my mind. Anyways… I picked up a Blaze Twin Shock Arcade stick recently I always wanted a twin stick since the early gaming days but couldn’t afford it. Now I got my chance (even though the stick is not that expensive…Just RARE!!)

I saw some members do some crazy stuff here and some were quite amazing. I just wated to make it more lively but do as little work as possible. I did not want to fabricate any add ons etc. Just stock with sanwa parts and new art. So here we go…let me know what you guys think!:smile: Oh sorry for the poor quality…dam iphone!

Here is the bone stock stick all gutted and shown with Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons.

Now the same case with new art!

Not too shaby! Art was done with 2 11x17 printouts and some glue and a exacto knife

Now lamenated BLAZBLUE art

All wired up…buttons, stick and PCB **had to bend the quick connects as it will not clear the shallow case

Player 1

Player 2

Finished Product

Bottom view **Note had to cut 2 holes for JLF to clear the bottom. Added feet as it works like a charm on a flat surface. hehe easier to change the ball tops.

That my friends was my version of a “Blaze Blue” Blazblue-themed twin shock joystick.

Parts used
2 x JLF-TP-8Y (no mounting plate used as it will NOT clear bottom of case)
16 x Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton
10 x Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton

Now for some of my other custom sticks

You should post these in the custom thread.

That is so fire.
Good stuff.

I want. :sad:

Are you using Cat5 cables in your stick? That’s pretty nice and a good way to keep it clean.

Yep that is all done with cat 5. It clean and you get a free blue “twist tie” type sleeve to keep all your cables tidy, not to mention that you are working with 1 nice and easily workable strand of copper! :rof Since I am only using 1 PCB and not dual, I did a few with and without the terminal block. It’s no big deal since they have quick connects and can easily be remounted in a new case etc. Thanks for the replies.

The reason I did not post in the custom thread is that I included a sort of work log to show the progress. I read that thread everyday and people were complaining they only wanted COMPLETED sticks only and no work log type deals. Anyways, that was the reasoning it was not in that thread. :confused:

Inexpensive, too. Works perfectly. UTP is all that I ever use for my cabling.

Nice bro. Ive been wanting one of those blaze sticks for awhile. Almost bought one off the trade forums but it sold quick.
Exactly how much of the jlf shaft is sticking out from the bottom. Would griding the bottom of the shaft clear it or it still wouldnt be enough?

box of 50pc sanwa buttons!!! damn you :\ Let me hold 6 white ones

Well let say a few mm’s too long which definitely is sticking out PAST the metal bottom plate. So NO…grinding will not help you and to answer your next question… NO I didn’t even use the mounting plate as it would have stuck out even more!:nono:

box of 50pc sanwa buttons!!! damn you :\ Let me hold 6 white ones

:bgrin: I think I must have spent close to a grand on the sticks and buttons. I still have a bag load of Happ buttons…

I like the Sanwa buttons but hate the JLF stick with the square gate. I still prefer my Happ competition sticks.

I was thinking of making a all Happ panel without any joystick…just to play Asteroids…remember… left/right/Thrust/fire and Hyperspace. I guess the only other joystickless game would be space invaders…Why not…so many spare parts :tup:

What PCB’s did you use in there? BTW, thanks for posting this Blaze mod. I don’t think anyone has posted a thread detailing what it takes to get a JLF in there.

dude can you please post pictures with higher quality.

bye :pray:

Ok… here you go

Exactly this much!

I used the original PCB from the stick. It is a PS one PCB that was already in the Blaze stick. Just use a Dragonplus ps2 to ps3 adapter. Cheap and works even after the 2.7 FW upgrade on PS3. Also you can get other adapters to fit like gamecube etc…

My stock Blaze PCB’s won’t even register on a PS2 properly. I must have a different revision than you because my cords are dark gray while yours look more light gray. Thanks again.

looking good! i wish i could make such nice custom sticks

I believe there was only two colors for the PS one… Black which is the one I got and the other is a silver or white one. I believe they made this stick for the Dreamcast as well. If the PCB’s don’t work, then shove some PS3 PCB’s instead. :smile:

thanx for replying. why dont i see any screw or nut around the stick. what did you do to hide them under the beautiful artwork?

What I did was mount the stick using the 4 outer screw holes and used 4 computer fan screws to bite into the case. And then like you said, I hid them by putting the artwork ontop and you dont see anything. I als ocounter sunk it so there is no bump or high spots to irritate your hands when it rubs on the top panel.:tup: