My art children of SRK, I have an av request (Deadpool)

Could someone make me a av with this (the gun shooting at the end looped)?

Feel free to go frantic with the background, but just put my name somewhere in it…

Thanx ahead:cool:

(and if the kb size for now premium allows it, add Bob running in front of it :rofl: )

holy crap, where’d you get those animations? those are awesome.

(i’d rep you right now if i could.)


:d: cool, thanks for the info.

Deadpool for Mugen got released by Unlimited this X-mas, I basicly lifted them using Fighter Factory

Note: The sprites and bg are of higher quality in the 1st one since the animation is less intense

The first one is complete sex. Amazing work. :tup:

Wicked sick! Thanx a lot!!:tup::cool:

hahah thats a dope av… big prop!

dude i love your av. i need a deadpool av

“Flap your arms really fast” :wgrin:

need more bob agent of hydra


Dayum! Good show Vegett0! :clap:

I see the Deadpool love is strong here. :rofl:

Where did you get those mugen chars? Could be useful to know a good site to use later for sprites.

Is there a Kitty for mugen? :wgrin:


Yay, Handpuppet Deadpool!!:lovin::rofl:

LoL. Brought it back!

I had too! It’s my SRKiotic duty to do so.

Chimichangas for everyone!!!

Running Bob is the only animations out there:sad:

i need a deadpool av. any takers?


pm me if u need some animations