My 15th Anniversary Street Fighter Stick with an AXISdapter

I just wanted to share my mod of the NubyTech 15th Anniversary Street Fighter Stick. The thumbs link to bigger versions.

After gutting the original PCB, the XBox/PS2 connector and the XBox memory card jack I got to work.

I picked up a bag of Tie Mounts - 3/4" nylon self-adhesive zip tie mounts. I wanted to go this way because I didn’t want to drill extra holes into the chassis.

I used a body reamer (it’s used to create holes in RC car bodies for mounting) because I didn’t have a drill bit small enough.

I reamed holes into the tie mounts

Here’s the hardware that I used. The black screw came from the Anniversary Stick - it was used to mount the XBox memory card jack. The silver screw came from extra steering servos - they screw the servo arm to the servo horn. It was the only screw that I could find that would fit into the upper left and lower right mount holes in the SIXAXIS PCB. The brass sleeve is also from spare servo hardware.

Here is the PCB attached to the nylon tie mount. The lower right is right next to the right analog control. The upper right one gave me a little scare. The flange on the screw used for the upper left mount hole made contact with one of the capacitors and pushed it aside. I used the brass sleeves to prevent further contact.

Because I can’t see the PCB when the bottom cover is attached, I decided to use an old optical cable to run a fiberoptic power indicator. If you look carefully, you can see the red light at the end of the fiberoptic cable. I hot glued the fiberoptics to the PCB, but in the end I only routed one of the lines out of the chassis because the light from the LED that is on bleeds over to the second fiberoptic cable.

The last three pics are the PCB and AXISdapter mounted and then wired. The buttons and controller are the stock Bao-Lian parts and I’m still waiting for their HAPP replacements. Once those come in, I’ll be able to properly bind the wiring.

Any questions or comments are welcome.


Nice now for a picture of the front to top it all off!

some of the thumbnail links are wrong

check out sparkfun for 10x batteries. they sell out fast though.

I fixed the links. I’ll get a pic of the setup, but aside from the AXISdapter, the rest of the stick is stock.

As for the sparkfun batteries, I’ve been reading up on them. I’m a little hesitant to use the batteries as I’ve had bad experiences with Lithium Polymer batteries (mostly problems from dealing with them for RC cars).


I’m such a SFAC fanboy. Good job on the assembly/wiring. You’ll be much happier once the Happ parts come in.

Here are the pics of the rest of the stick.

I hope this is a little better - the flash is off so you can see the indicator light.

One of the nicer things about this stick is that the bottom of the stick has a place for my USB cable.

the cord storage is pimp!

Are the buttons and Stick all HAPP parts? Or do you still have the original Nuby stuff?

Nope…it’s still all the Bao-Lian (Happ clone) stuff in there. I ordered some Happ replacements but I have no idea when I’ll get them - that’s why the wiring is so messy. The connectors inside are .110 and when I switch them out, I’ll have to re-wire to .187 connectors.

When it’s all redone, I’ll probably try to sell the .110 quick disconnect 6-button wiring and extra SIXAXIS mounts (like what I used) on the cheap.

I’ve recently replaced the old Bao-Lian stuff with Happ controls. I’ve been wondering about my old PCB and wiring. This stick had the yellow PCB and I’ve removed it intact - the wiring and memory module connectors are still attached to the PCB.

Is there a demand for that PCB if I try to sell it? I also wonder how viable it will be considering all the problems from the recent PS update.

I’ll try to post more pics of the new guts and wiring.


Cool idea using the tie mounts.

Since you’re using a AXISdapter…

a. Is this a wireless customized arcade stick now?
b. How do you charge the SIXAXIS PCB? Is it thru mini-usb of the PCB or to the USB of AXISdapter?

yea you charge through the mini usb on the sixaxis pcb,here isa pic of my wireless TE

does it work with all ps2 and ps3 games? also what converter did you use before the mod.

It works with all PSOne, PS2 and PS3 games assuming that they are A) played on my PS3 and B) do not require the use of the analog sticks.

I bought the controller new 5-6 years ago. I only played it a few times and then shelved it. After I picked up SF and sneaked around in here, I found ShinJN and Toodles’ AXISdapter. I picked up a Toodles AXISdapter from Lizard Lick and one of ShinJN’s directly. ShinJN’s adapter went into the stick above. I never got the chance to try to use it on my PS3 with just an adapter.


I got my Happ stuff to upgrade my SFAC and I have the gutshot.

Here’s the new Happ components:

Thanks to stnwag0n’s Start+Select=Home thread, I was able to wire this up so holding Start and Select together register as a Home button press.