MVCI Co Producer "Combofiend" left Capcom

Beat me to it. I don’t know what to make of the situation to be honest, people of Peter’s position (community based, lead battle designer, producer, etc) all leave Capcom but for very different reasons.

David Sirlin, I mean that was just a total disaster, he had a really bad relationship with Capcom, fucking up the Street Fighter Collection, and then fucking up Super Turbo HD Remix. It practically killed him.

Seth Killian he actually left on a high note, he had involvement with SFIV and MvC3, and after his time he cried and then moved on to Sony to work on more projects to infinity and beyond.

Now Peter is leaving, I just hope that he feels happy and that he’s leaving on a good note and is satisfied with his work, as opposed to feeling destroyed by the technical failure of SFV and the financial failure of MvCi.

Personally I think he’s made a fantastic game, they went the cheap way about it, but what they’ve actually created is going to entertain/intoxicate a small corner of dedicated black people for a long time, and that’s great. I just hope he either moves on with his career or comes back and wants to be a part of it, because I think so far he’s been one of the best community driven employees we’ve had.

Welp Combofiend is gonna play in tournaments again. That’ll work.

5 years is a pretty long time, and it was a good run. But I wonder who his successor will be unless Capcom decides to just abolish the position entirely and keep things internal from now on.

Valle? Ricki? Maybe they focus back on the East and go with Infiltration? The FGC has changed so much since Combofiend took over that they might want someone who only knows the current way things are done (an 09er, in other words).

Well that’s what Peter said, he wanted to let the next generation do their thing, I think it would be completely ironic if that inspiration came from NRS or Smash players. If Valle was gonna work for Capcom I think it would have happened by now, after all he’s arguably the most famous SF player in the West. He did give Ryu a fake fireball this one time.

I don’t think Capcom USA are going to let a position like that go so easily, things are just starting to take off in the eSports industry and their involvement in the creation and development of Eastern fighting games is too great of a thing to let slip through your fingers. After all, it’s fair to say that now ten or fifteen years on the West is the heart of fighting game culture, and the new stage for a shit ton of money. Capcom USA will want to keep hold of that.

Seeing that Combofiend has left Capcom, I wonder who’ll take his place co-producing MvCI now. Maybe Ono, since he’s been pushing support for SFV as well?

Ono is an executive so prolly not. It looks like an internal hire or a Japanese hire since no new posting was listed on the site

The guy is how old? 30 something? Giving a chance to the next generation? Lmao. He got fired/replaced.

Also obligatory ‘‘he was just a function’’ comment.

I’ve never known a single company who gave someone they were firing a spot on their blog to say goodbye. If you get fired, you get ejected with the quickness.

Yup. I bet combo shows up real soon someplace else. He’ll they just promoted his ass not to long ago.

Exactly. This reads the same as Seth Killian. Leaving on his own to do something better.

Yeah I’m guessing you’ve never had a corporate job before. This is mutual good terms leaving.

aka "we can do this the easy way or the hard way"

Lmao function. David Sirlin function lol.

Thank God. Maybe the next few games won’t be a maul fest.

Combofiend was the battle director for Marvel Infinite. Woshige is the battle director for SFV.