Mvc3 zoning assist?

Hmm… Can’t really think of much that covers the airborne opponent… TM’s Vertical Shot? Also theres Trigger happy with Deadpool.

I’d say to go with the Shuma-Gorath Mystic Ray assist. It sweeps a complete 180 degree arc from the ground to the sky.

Dante’s Jam Session, Taskmaster’s Parabolic shots.

Have to endorse this one as well, I fought a guy the other day that combined Deadpool point with Shuma assist very effectively. Not to mention Mystic Ray assist completely invalidates Doom missles. Let me clarify,if Doom missles are sent out and Mystic Ray is sent out right afterwards, Ray will destroy all of Doom’s missles.

… Doom missles are fantastic zoning assist otherwise though. :rofl:

have you tried Dr Doom’s Molecular Shield or Dormammu’s Purification?

Dormammu’s Purification is a pretty good assist IMO.

Jam Session is a really good if you are looking for air control. TM shots are fast and control a lot of ground space, you can OTG purification but it’s hard as hell to do consistently.

Shuma can cover the whole area with his mystic ray assist, any beam assist should help Chun also.

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