MvC3 Tiger Knee shoryuken?

So I know how to tiger knee with regular success(x-23 dive kick) but while screwing around earlier I found that I can tiger knee Thor’s air mighty strike(backward dp) but I cant tell what the exact input is and Im stuck doing this awkward motion that only works about 50% of the time. I searched around for a while and havent found anything but Im pretty sure its mostly because I dont know what term to look up. Thanks for any and all help in advance.

The Tiger Knee motion, which I call the crescent moon motion cause that is what it reminds me of, is basically the quarter cirlce motion for something like a hadoken plus the additional up forward motion input on top of that, all in one smooth motion. By delaying the timing of your button press and adding to it the tiger knee motion, you can do some air okay specials the moment you leave the ground for different effects on those specials. If you try Phoenix or Zero’s trials, both of them have one trial where a juggle using a tiger knee motion special is used to OTG an opponent.

To do a TKM, just do your normal quarter circle forward, add the upforward to the motion, and just slightly delay your button press for the command so that the input for whatever special is stored in the engine, but the button press is delayed to cause the move to activate the moment you leave the ground, instead of on the ground. The timing isn’t too strict, but it’s something you’ll want to practice to use effectively. Just don’t move too slow with the input, or move too fast, because too slow, your character will jump and do nothing, and too fast, you’ll just get the ground version.

Thanks for the reply. I can already do the motion that you have described above with pretty regular success. What has me confused is I believe that I have found a way to apply this theory to the shoryuken motion that is used to do Thor’s air Mighty Strike(back, down, back down). When I do it successfully, it does not come out as fast as a tiger kneed TK Shot from Phoenix but it still comes out a hell of a lot faster than jumping and inputting the motion. My problem is that I am unable to tell what precisely it is that I need to press to get it to come out more reliably. I was thinking back, down, up back or back, down, back down, back up. Thanks for any further assistance and sorry if I am not articulating myself well, a lot of this language is pretty new to me. I have also tried to find a video of what Im talking about but had no luck.

So I thought because of a lack of response that I had maybe made all of this up so I tried it again yesterday. I tried for a while with no results and then I finally did it once. Just to make sure I wasnt crazy I had my girlfriend watch and I did it again and then wasn’t able to pull it off again until I gave up. I still have not been able to figure it exactly how I am doing it.

Does anyone know anything about this tigerknee shoryuken motion?

For Tron’s TK Bonne Strike, which is a reverse DP, I’ve been doing: hcf, u/f, d/b+H

In other words, chicken wing in the opposite direction of the DP, then do the diagonal for the DP motion. See if that helps.

Thanks a bunch for your reply, I was begginning to think I was the only one who has ever seen this happen. TK Bonne Strike is so much more useful to me than mighty strike(I never play Thor). I tried your suggestion for a while with no success but it got me messing around again and I think may have figured it out. I got :rdp::ub: to work(Im pretty sure that is it.) a handful of times but I can’t pull it off with enough consistency and I am not good enough with my new stick yet to be confident that I have figured out the actual inputs and just suck or if I have it wrong.

Has anyone else had success with Dinosaur’s method? Does anyone have a different way they do it?

I do my TK DP motions like Dinosaur, since MvC3 is pretty lenient with input windows.

I still have not been able to do it that way but I have finally found what it is that Im doing. In fact I found 2 different ways of doing it. The first, :rdp::b::ub: :p:, gets the dp to come out the second I leave the ground. The other, :ub::qcb::p:, comes out right at the height of my jump before I start coming back down.