MVC3 TE Fightstick questions

Im buying the mvc3 te fightstick, its costing me 200 dollars, as im canadian.
The last controller i bought was a mvc3 fightpad, and it broke like 2 weeks later.
Now, i know the TE is a much better build, but im ruff as hell with my controllers.
I swear i beat my mvc3 pad in to submission, should i try to take it easy on the thing.
Or can i thor hammer the hell out of it?

This is also the first time ive used a stick, so any tips are welcomed.

Also plz excuse my crap grammar and spelling, im on my ipad.

I beat the crap out of mine and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I also paid $200 to get one haha

God damn were both losers lol, thats good to know tho, cuss imma beat it, but i need to know it will last at least a year or so.

TE are made with Sanwa parts straight from the arcades, meaning that their meant to take a beating.

you can beat on your stick as much as you like…we won’t tell your mom, we swear

It’ll probably be fine, and if a button breaks it’s only a few bucks for a new one, bout 20 for a new stick. A solid investment, don’t worry!

Thats good to know, i didnt even think about modding, so if 1 button breaks im not screwed.