Mvc3 TE arcade stick, dual mod HELP!

Hi, im own a TE for 360 and im very interested in make it dual mod, but im a complete noob in mod things, i dont know nothing to be real, so i search some tutorials and read some articles about the items to use, since im a noob i search for the most easy way to do this so i find this Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3 this cthulhu is supposed to be special cause is solderless and even more simple than older versions, but i search in the web for tutorials of this and im dont really find anything, so im wanna ask if someone of you could help me =( i dont really know nothing about this and the only related thing i find of this Cthulhu is this [media=youtube]dYewhydWfZI[/media], i know he is installing the IMP, but, in the video you could see the Cthulhu that im talking about, in some kind of union with the original board of the stick, and that makes me more confused cause the Cthulhu just seem to be over the original board, but without any cable connected to Cthulhu… so… someone could help a mod noob ? =( plz

Bapex215’s write up on a MC Cthulhu + Imp v2 + Madcatz xbox360 + RJ45 custom stick

There’s also other dual mods that are easier to do like Teasy strike mod or kitty board mod. Those two have no soldering required. I have the Teasy strike s in my 360 Chun Li TE.
I would like to get another TE for a kitty board mod.

Think this is too complicated for his needs.

Easiest way is to get a TEasy Strike, or the SMD ChIMP. TEasy Strike being a bit very noob friendly, SMD ChIMP being cooler if you want to someday dual mod somethat that isn’t a TE.

Thx bros i’ll try my best

Toodle’s Kitty board is even easier, IMO.

And comes with a rocking intallation guide into an MvC2 TE :slight_smile: URL in sig.