MvC3 Practice in the 626 Area (Pasadena, Glendale, Alhambra, etc)

Looking for people to play and practice MvC3 in the 626 area. I live in Pasadena myself. Hit me up on AIM (zackthepundit) or post here with your contact info. I’m willing to drive reasonable distances and willing to host at my place. Let me know. = )

i live in baldwin park. i’d be down to go there. ill hit u up on aim.

Just stumbled upon this cuz I need RL people to play against. I live in Glendale just off the 134 near the 5 but I have a baby so I’m usually trapped at home. I don’t use AIM but my email is so you can get in touch with me through that or these forums. I’m here lurking daily.

lets play some mahvel baby = ) il message you with my contact info

im down for some casuals as well, but i’m more in the whittier area, not too far from baldwin park, alhambraish lol

rDantic, private message me with ur contact info and lets set something up = ) im down to drive to whittier for some mahvel

My place isn’t a good place for some casuals and its also pretty small lol

well u can come to my place if u dont mind driving, send me ur contact info

Hey I live in Monterey Park, right near pasadena. Looking for marvel casuals too. Hit me up.

hey kirrus whats up = ) i see youre a gamer hungry for some pracitice LoL private message me your contact info and we can set something up

I’m in South Pasadena. I would be great to have some casuals sometime. I’ll send my info in a private message here.

cool koff, hope to play you soon = )

Anyone good here play mvc2?

fun games aaron = ) hope we play again soon