Mvc3 patch: Let's get system direction in there

So iirc it was stated that post evo MvC3 would be patched. That is, they wanted to leave all the broken things in the game but after evo they would rebalance all of the over the top things cough sentinel cough. The thing is there are a lot of things that could be tweaked to make this game much more realistic as a long-lasting competitive title. I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see this game lasting longer than 2 years unless radical changes are made.

Here are my suggestions on little tweaks.

Air recovery: Remove the bounce all together so they recover like they did in the rest of the vs. series, or eliminate the tech forward so that an opp can only tech backwards. The reason the game is played so linear because resets are bad E.V. if not only does the person being reset have to guess right, the person doing the reset has to guess which way the opponent techs also.

Ground recovery: Make it so the opponent always rolls one direction. I would personally like forward cuz I’ve been playing vs. games for a good 13 years, but making it backwards would be cool too. Just as long as it is set.

Actually, games like smash brothers melee lasted forever. Not because they were just absolutely perfect from the beginning, but players used the options to elminate the annoying things like items (or specific items back in the day) to keep the game playable competitively. We’ve seen it before in games like 3s, there is nothing to stop them from patching the same thing in mvc3.

Anyone else have similar ideas? Please don’t include unrealistic ideas like “plz make teh game 4 buttons.” Clearly that would be an overhaul of the entire system. Likewise making all normals OTG clearly wouldn’t work for this system. Adding Super Jump cancels would take so much testing and tweaking of frame data it would also be impossible. With sjc we’d have crazier loops than the ones that have been discovered already. System direction would be amazing IMO, but maybe there is something wrong with it that I’m not aware of… who knows. Thoughts?

X-Factor Factor has been talked about in it’s corresponding thread, but it definitely has to be fixed. Lv.3 takes a lot of damage and lasts way too long.

I am fine with the air recovery. Resets and mix-ups are still possible and even better with the opportunity of air grab mix-ups. If they could patch the netcode it would be good -.-

Did you see all the crap Justin was doing to people off of techs?

And you want to REMOVE tech options??

Sentinel is far from being broken, people are just not blocking yet. "OMG look i’m gonna be like Yipes and tridash in w/ mag-fucking-neto!"
Welcome to armor town.

Sent gets owned up by superjump.

Lvl 3 xfactor is pretty ridiculous for certain characters, sure. But I’d rather have lvl2 xfactor and a really good assist.

Hsien-Ko’s weapons should come out in a set order instead of time intervals. The reason is because I got really salty lol.

Also I think that certain moves should break armor like they did with MVC2.

Also this:

Patch da fucking netcode. I don’t care how expensive it is. This netcode we have now is almost comparable to KOF12. PATCH THIS SHIT NOW.

Nerf Sent’s damage output.

Give Doom a Wave Dash.

Make Taskmaster’s Counter Super DHC-able.


^ I doubt they’d ever patch the netcode, but I guess that’d be a given.

Renegade pretty much said everything I wanted to say, nerfing tech/making Oki more simplistic is the wrong way to go for this game. Though I do think level 3 XF is a bit strong… that’s the only thing I think is glaring at this point in time.

Guess I could make up some character grievances I have, but it’s too early to really complain.

Source on this? Hadn’t heard anything like that…

IMO, the teching forward is a great fundamental asset to the series, it needed it. Like it is in mvc2 when magneto does a rom and resets you, that mixup afterwards is fucking linear cause you can’t escape. You tech flip to the same spot every time and magneto just gets his way. Here, the engine is pretty open so when those combos come into play, you have to REACT to a tech forward\back which isn’t even that hard. They take forever anyway so its not like its a big deal. You do have to be more reactive now but fighting games need that. Less auto pilot stuff, more reaction based stuff.

multiple options during air tech makes the game less linear. 1 option for air tech = linear.

IMO, that needed to be removed as well cause if you hit a downed opponent during OTG state in mvc2, your hit will put them into a predetermined position. Its stupid. You should be able to choose which side of the screen you want to roll to during a soft knock down. The game shouldn’t force your hand.

and the ground tech thing, there are option selects for those in mvc3. So you do option select, react, then choose your option. Instead of a free wake up, its a mind game with reactions.

Other games like vampire savior\GG have these concepts and they actually balance out the game. Its not like mvc2 was 100% completely perfect, some of the shit needed to be changed.

*** biggest pet peeve currently. Characters not turning around during SJ state. I hate that shit cause it limits the angles of attacks. It was very stupid to have that implemented.

I think x-factor should be toned down a bit.

Put level 3 where level 2 is, Level 2 where level 1 is and tone down level one.

As far as the tech options and Sentinel go, I really dont see too big of a problem. Sent is obviously a solid character but far from unbeatable. People just arent playing patiently enough against him. How many people did you hear complaining about Juggernaut by the end of MvC2? Same concept right? But I’m sure that particular discussion doesn’t belong in this thread.

Just IMO.

remove xfactor, remove exchange

I can’t think of a good reason against a Sentinel nerf. I mean, come on guys. If his damage is nerfed so he could only do 25% damage off of 4 hits into Super, would that make him unplayable? I don’t think so, even considering all of the other advantages he has.

This shit annoys the living fuck outta me. Please, let this be patched, my magneto crossup/ any character crossup is fucked for ever.

Ignoring gameplay changes- which Capcom is reticent to do early on- and focusing on UI patches… there should be a software setting that accommodates different TV/screen aspect ratios (via scaling / letter-boxing so no gameplay changes) versus the current system of cropping the image to fill the screen.

Another idea would be to allow control scheme changes if you hold a button and hit Rematch (so that the most common control layouts can be switched to without going to a button config screen during a button check).

Finally, preview mission playback for Mission mode should be included.

X Factor level 1 should just be a cancel, IMO.

And Sent’s just the flavor of the month. Uncreative/stubborn/short-sighted top players may cause him to remain a common occurence in high level play, otherwise I see no reason why he won’t die down. Hell, if they even ever want a chance at beating Justin they’d need to get rid of him. Does the robot even have mixups? AFAIK he just prays you get sloppy. He’ll have too many counterpicks, too.

The system itself I don’t really have an opinion on yet. As far as I’m concerned, Justin’s the only one who knows how to create effective mixups as of now. Teleport + projectile assist only gets you so far.

4real, I just want sent to develop outside of a linear gameplay style involving the shortest combos in the vs. series taking out a single character. I want shit like [media=youtube]DklFwIf3gHE"[/media], though it was impracticall to do in a real match, and an unblockable beam reset would leave you better, it looked cool and pro as fuck and I loved doin it.

if you don’t think sentinel has mixups, you’re smoking rocks. He’s fucking nasty in this game but I would like to see the game develop before people start asking for patches. Cable in week 1 of mvc2 was already broke cause Duc figured out you can TK ahvb x3 and everyone like OMGAD capcom fix the game!!!

turns out 11 years later, cable is the weakest top tier. If we had patched his ahvb back then we would have made a middle of the tier pack character even worse. @ the end of the game he didn’t need any nerfs, he needed buffs!!!

Thats why its important to let the game balance itself out and if it can’t be done, then you fix it. The game hasn’t even been out for a whole month yet, the counters to stop sentinel clean aren’t really there yet.

if xfc is 100% removed from the game, you affect the balance as the xfc makes bad teams good. With the removal of xfc, those bad teams will just be bad teams. I say remove the damage boost and keep up the speed up boost and healing life thing however if you go down this path, you must nerf the fuck out of dark phoenix damage output on everything. Team chemistry still gets kinda murdered cause of the damage output removed but the other factors of xfc will allow more types of teams to be present than if you removed it completely.

Final Comment on sentinel.

Buff his unfly (make it like 4 times) nerf his damage.

buff phoenix

A salt meter that revives rage quitters when it’s at 5 bars