MvC3 NEW Zombie Campaign Idea

MvC3 NEW Zombie Campaign Idea

All who have beat the mvc3 Galactus campaign knows that capcom just didnt put much into it. The only way to understand the story was to read the special edition comic that came with it, then when you finally defeat Galactus, you are treated to your characters lame ending.

I have a proposal that would please Marvel and capcom fans that has ever read Marvel Zombies, Played Resident Evil or Dead Rising.

Anyone remember the 3rd opening of the game, where it shows Magneto stealing what looks like a virus from Wesker? Confusing and not relating to the game whatsoever, why did capcom make this opening? Unless they already thought of this idea and are waiting... But here's my idea.

The new campaign would start after that opening, but somehow someone releases the virus and the whole universe (both of them) would be infected and zombified. You assemble a team to fight the hoard of zombies and find a cure ... or join the undead.


*Everyone could have a zombie costume, here's some concept art from another thread: []( and the marvel zombies comic character art:[]( . All characters would look undead but still retain their fighting styles and their voice would be replaced by groans and screams. 

of course Hsien-ko is already a zombie, so she could get a human costume, and setinel could get a new robo costume.

*Introduce new characters, Like:
Frank West or Chuck from Dead rising
Nemisis from re3 or tyrant from re1 or krauser from re4
Lord Raptor from Darkstalker (though we already have three from there)

*Does’t have to be zombie related, but some more stages please, like:
Willamette Mall
Raccon city
Africa (from re5)

*New game modes:
Time attack and survival mode where zombie characters keep coming,(idea thanks to blazemacroz)
In survival mode, like the 1st half of galctus fight, waves of common zombies (from RE or DR), and a few special zombies (like lickers or hunters) keep coming. But now 2 other characters in your team help you, but they’re on the screen at the same time as you and the zombies, And they’re CONTROLLED by two other players (HUMANS) This could be like the zombies mode on Cod black ops, but less windows! The waves are infinite and diffucullty increases, zombies appear from behind , fall from above and crawl to grab onto you and overpower you with their numbers. Special infected use thier abililities, like lickers cling to walls and attack from a distance, and hunters jump and slash, dogs charge, while flaming zombies do more damage than common zombies. After every 5 rounds, a special event happens, like a sub boss or life boost (First aid spray and herbz FTW). Your team is limited to 3 hyper bars that you should use only sparingly. And you would keep fighting till you all turn undead, and leave a record.

*New epic final boss, Maybe someone from an Resident evil game, or perhaps a completely new concept, like abyss from mvc2, but zombified.

So wouldya think, would this make a good campaign?

Thoughts and opinions please.

Is this a fighting game?

Sick game bro!

Walk into Capcom’s office and pitch this idea now!

Left4Rising Evil 3 go go go

Because every game has to have zombies in it. :rolleyes:

^ well capcom and marvel always do a good job with zombies…
Marvel got a lil carried away and forgot the limitations of them …
this would be sweet!

yeah, it shows them battling over a fuckin Orange Goo Jar and then… Galactus… lmao…

I remember back when we had quality trolls on SRK.

These days, Nando is the creme of the crop. :\

I miss Robert Sigley.

As I see it.

I think we all do. He was so good at trolling people didn’t even think he was trolling.

Yes. More alive dead people needlessly shoehorned into a game without any real context for doing so. Thrilling. :rolleyes: