MvC3 movement tricks

So I’m fairly new to MvC3. I’ve been watching some streams of the pros and my biggest problem seems to be moving around the screen as fast as they do. It’s really awkward for me to move up on an opponent. I’m familiar with the wavedash, but how does one wavedash backwards? I can’t seem to figure that one out. As well as the triangle jump, can’t figure that one out either. What are the tricks to moving about the screen as quickly and efficiently as possible?

There may be a better method, but for backwards wavedashing I have been doing back, 2-button dash, downback for the cancel, and just repeating that. You have to make sure your inputs are clean or you’re going to be getting supers by accident. As for triangle jumping, most people just superjump, then dash down forward. Your trouble may be that you are doing it too low, there are height restrictions on many airdashes in MvC3, and for many characters, in order to hit with a move during this maneuver, it must be executed from a relatively very high point compared to MvC2 in order to give enough time for the attack to become active.

Hope that was helpful, if your question wasn’t answered, please specify further.