MvC3 - I guess I STILL don't know how to play

since this game came out I have been losing pretty heavily Online and against a few of my friends that don’t even play this game unless I am at their house and don’t practice or take the game seriously like I do… Hey that is them. it just irks me how much time i put in and come out with nothing. i am 73-211 online… (I am better at SSF4 grabbing that today … that is another story why I don’t already have it.)

I figure I just need to play until those two numbers total in the 4 digits.

My question is what is the flow of this game, does it even have one.
My team is Trish, Iron Man, Thor and right now [S]I feel like[/S] my game plan is HEAVILY LACKING.

I have played with almost everyone on the game and i am mediocre at best with all of them.
If you could give me any advice for this team what would it be? I decided that this is the Team that I am going to stick with and make it work because I think that it is hurting me that I have not made a decision on a team yet.

I don’t really have any dead set combos with Trish yet i just do basic stuff, I like her Tri-Dash, low :m:, and Huge range on her launcher, scythe throw (non-hyper one), and traps to boot.

Iron Man
Ok with Iron man, . . . . . . . . .I will be heading to the thread to see some (air)combos. I use his Smartbombs > OTG > Hyper when I don’t fuck up the basic air combo with him. I mainly use him for his UniBeam Assist but most of the time I call him out and think Its safe and he gets caught cause they dash in to attack me as I am coincidentally pressing the assist button and then he gets sodomized.

I want Thor in there because he does Tons of Damage and has the Most Health… I normally try and go for the Reset off of Mighty Smash in the Corner… I get it sometimes when Lag doesn’t Drop my Mighty Smash input and he just stands there looking foolish. Other than that I feel like I suck at super jumping, I use tri-dash with light attack to move, I always end up in the corner cause I am trying to move back to get space… doesn’t work for me [S]or[/S] I just SUCK at it as of now.
I also do alot of Super jump > Peoples Elbow. Sometimes I go for j.S and completely miss cause my timing is off… either cause I do it WAY to EARLY or to late for it to even come out.

What should I be aiming to do with these Characters when they are out as point? What should I be looking to do?

I unfortunately don’t have many suggestions for Iron Man and Thor, but I do however main Trish. She’s essentially my teams keepaway/meter user for the most part, a decent amount of her BnB combos or at least variants thereof, are all in mission mode and can be found most anywhere. I will typically bring her out against certain rushdown matchups and trap/bait, not to mention her dive kick has some pretty good priority.

Once you practice with Trish and get the divekick -> hopscotch down you can self relaunch without needing an OTG assist. Her lvl3 will also hit off of an assist OTG in most cases that I’ve found. Her bolt super is pretty much worthless unless tacked onto the end of a combo or you need to DHC out (scythe has some pretty long startup frames before the scythe even leaves), so I’d prioritize the usage of that. If they’re sticking high get the scythe super out, it’ll slow their approach. You can also utilize the scythe super for “safe” hard tags and also has some pretty nice setups (reference: best video I could find on short notice). Granted I’m not claiming to be the best Trish player out there but those are some of the things I use. Also learning to quick airdash with a j. H is a must, especially when combined with a good low hitting assist.

Hopefully that helps some.

Honest question: If you don’t know advanced combos with Trish and Iron Man, then what are you practicing?

It seems silly to me to use two characters who aren’t on the easier side of the roster but can do very long combos - and then not do the long combos. I’m going to pick Zangief and then never command throw you, I like having to deal with the handicap of playing big russian grappler but I don’t like utilizing any of the benefits I get in exchange.

imo, Trish’s strongest assets are her ability to build tons of meter with long combos and then use that meter to DHC in other characters and DHC herself back in later on with Round Harvest (to extend combos). Iron Man is similar, though he has better assists in exchange for not being as versatile on point and not being able to combo after a DHC Proton Cannon.

Since you semi-decided to stick with this team for now, it’s best that you do stick with it too. However… I don’t think Thor is a good anchor. He’s really slow and kinda needs help to get in. I’d put Iron Man last and have Thor as your point or second on the team depending on what you want to do. Thor benefits from Unibeam assist in many ways. You can actually start annoying people with your projectile supported by Iron Man’s beam and try get them come to you or just otherwise keep them out. Trish’s trap assist might take this keepaway tactic even further, but I don’t play her at all so don’t take my advice on her. Another thing Unibeam does is support your attempts at going in. Call out Iron Man when you think it’s a good time to force them hold their position while you (air)dash in. One thing even I don’t use enough (not that my opinion is worth anything) is Thor’s Flight and the unlimited airdashes you get with it. Find ways to improve your movement. That should be later on your list though.

Trish might be a better point character, but as I said I have no experience with her. Iron Man is a great character but I’m pretty sure you should focus on either Trish or Thor first and use Iron Man as an assist mostly. You’ll have plenty of time to work on him afterwards. Do understand that this team won’t have super awesome synergy and that you might need to transition to a better team later. But for now it shouldn’t matter much and you should focus on getting the game down.

  • Don’t call assists willy nilly. I’m very guilty of losing my Iron Man to hypers that I should’ve respected.
  • Be patient with Thor
  • Block more

I meant practicing in general … I have another team that I was using (Wolvie, Chun, Akuma) but I kinda built it around getting in with wolverine and doing combo along the lines of L,M,L,H,S > M,M,H,S > Akuma Tatsu Assist > OTG Scrape > Dive Kick, H,S > M,M,(I think another H),S > Chun Legs Assist > OTG Scrape > Fatal Claw
I have that down pat, like when I start it i know i can finish it. But I lose to Teams with a lot of Projectiles and keep away, and I was attempting to Learn Mags ROM cause I like him and I played him alot but still don’t have it down at all, very hard learning from scratch and some other stuff. I just started this new Team last night.

And thanks for the info Kurdijef I will have to write that down and drill it my head.
Another thing that I notice about me is I never really stick to my gameplan lol I notice that i didn’t do what I had the intention of doing after the match is over…

im in the same boat as you my team is wolverine/akuma/ryu i still have a hard time doing combos with wolverine but i just gotta keep practicing also have a hard time getting close to teams that r keep away teams …keep practicing cuz ur not the only one that still needs to learn more about this game…and if ur on psn feel free to add me im always looking for people to play with online my psn : EL_CHANGO_MATON

I wrote it down in my phone to add you … I just started installing SSF4 on my PS3… gonna take a minute… my PSN is JaeSpK.
It would help that if I put the Skill to “Same” and get people on my level it would be easier to learn the game because I wouldn’t be gettin put on blast by way higher ranked near perfecting me sometimes lol it works in SSF4. but hey what can ya do…

for some reason mvc3 online doesnt put against people in the same level as me i keep getting 9th lord and up opponents even if i loose still a learning experience cuz gets me thinking wat i did wrong or how could improve… ill add u rite now but wont start playing till like lil pass 9 gotta go out for a bit

I’m playing SSF4 right now anyways … but message me and I will switch games…

So I played some games with “I_P_FREELY” and have Replaced Iron man with storm and put her last, thor is now second… now to work on Comboing…

those wer some good games the combo u pull off with all 3 characters n storms hyper combo was really nice …the wolverine and akuma combo was good too if u dnt mind me im gonna steal that from u :smiley: … keep working on it see lots of potential use trish trap circle and wen u have some1 in ther go for a combo .

I see that everyone uses that Wolvie, Akuma Combo… i thought of it on my own but then saw everyone using it on the Streams lol

Depends how badly you want to get good. Or if you simply enjoy beasting that’s a different story.

Do yourself a favor, close your eyes and pretend that gaming somehow became a respectable sport. You either have the passion to win or get off the fucking play field.

Doesn’t really matter, but if you suck and you know it clap your hands. But seriously go take advice from anyone better than you online, as in ask for advice by using words if you want to learn something. The other person doesn’t have to be the best but anyone better would have better advice and tips than you if your capable of thinking rationally.

That post is really uncalled for… but I do think of it as a “respectable sport” I am always trying to better myself or else I wouldn’t be on here trying to get advice of my game and what I should be doing… :confused:

I don’t ‘Simply’ enjoy Beasting … but who doesn’t I mean you don’t go into a game with the intention of NOT trying to Beast the other player, right?.. I like to go at fighters with a gameplan and try not to flail around hoping to get a hit in. I play SSF4 (which i am starting to get back to after almost a year hiatus, that is another story) and I like to know Matchups and such.

As for asking someone better… the people I play locally beat me and couldn’t begin to give me a reason, they try to tell me if you use wesker (Wesker isn’t even part of my team) and jump-gun in on Doom then you won’t take chip from Dante’s Jam Session cause it “Forms behind my character” WHAT? how do you not know where the assist lands and you have been using it from Day 1? But I don’t think my Wolvie, Chun, Akuma team could really punish that assist at all. I am open to advice from anyone better who also KNOWS WHY THEY ARE BETTER… … kinda why I made this thread… :confused:

I gave you all the advice I could on using Trish earlier, I do run Akuma on my team but short of stuff like dive kick baiting and effectively using his pseudo wavedash and “teleport” most of his playstyle is standard shoto with more speed and higher jumping.

I will however say corner pressure is great with Trish and the Tatsu assist. Short jump airdash j. H while calling the assist which will allow you to repeat that loop after advancing guard without ever letting up on them. Bait the j. H with a peakaboo and no assist, they’ll try and jump out of it hit the trap then it’s GG. If they see the trap the only way they can go is forward so just loop repeat. I don’t recommend abusing that but yea. Also this may be a given but we wary of screen placement with tatsu assist, it’s easily punishable from a distance by projectile hypers etc if you don’t protect him or have some pressure going on.

There are other ways to utilize it but to be honest for me it’s more intuitive than I can explain in writing, just spend a lot of time in training working on your synergy then take it online. One thing you have to understand though, if you don’t already, is that the way people play online is normally MUCH different than offline play. There are a lot of tactics and spam that will work online that you won’t see offline, I’ll still get beat by disruptor with hidden missile spam etc if I’m not careful. Trish has great mobility but without a teleport it’s difficult to get in on projectile spamming teams with covering assists like Sentinel/Doom, as for Akuma his mobility is… yea. Though with that setup you can launch air hypers so bait the assist and punish.

If you don’t ask advice from anyone in anything else than your pretty much expected to fail. If you want some quick advice Deadpool, Sentinel and Wolverine. Deadpool has a good slide kick into combo, lots of easy to use projectiles, very fast moving character and an anti crouch move into a combo as well with easy to set up supers. Sentinel is a power house character, pretty hard not to be good with. Wolverine is very fast, has good priority with some moves also has a good slide kick into a combo along with a very fast often hard to avoid cross up move that you should abuse.

Thanks for the advice and I am determined not to fail but hey everything takes time, advice alone doesn’t help unless I have the determination to succeed using the advice I get, right?.. I see a lot of potential for pretty much all the characters and I have used them all to get a feel for how they play…

More potential then Street Fighter that’s for sure. Every character has more moves so isn’t really half baked. Except for Morrigan not being able to dash properly but certain characters do have better perks. On the other hand it’s very easy to mash in MvC3 and very easy to do a lot of chip damage.

Dog and Girl Megaman is easy to mash if you prefer that.

Street Fighter is a Whole Different game… It takes more brains to play Street fighter than this game… you are right is easier to mash and do alot chip which I don’t really like. I was close to quitting the game but I am going to keep playing Marvel and gradually get better. I figure marvel will even help my execution because I don’t aim to mash out moves.

Actually the easiest character to mash out on is ChunLi, Wolverine, and probably akuma imo… ironic that I say that cause that is one of my teams but I don’t mash lol.

Akuma is on my main team and I’ve never found mashing useful at all. Aside from corner pressure with an assist for mixup or baiting for SGS, which has some quirky properties to say the least.