MvC3 guide is totally awesome

Seriously. Pick one up when you see it. I would say it is pretty easily the best fighting game guide to come out of not-Japan.

EDIT: check it out!

Any good reasons? Like are the strategies there suited for competitive play, and what some notable stuff does it have?

Where did you even acquire yours? Are they in stores yet, I didn’t think so…

Buktooth worked on the guide

Doesn’t that mean his opinion is less valued since he’ll obviously endorse his work?

I’ve already got it fully pre-paid since I save 20% when purchasing with the game. The frame data is enough to warrant a purchase imo (at least until a balance patch).

I ordered it already yay. You worked on it buk?

and hey I saw you at absolute battle… Ive got my eye on you.

im buying 3 just in case i lose 2

I already had mine preordered, I just hope I get it early, or at least before MvC3 arrives (hard to read and play at the same time).

I already planned on buying it due to frame data, and I’m often too lazy/cheap to print forum stuff from my PC (ink is expensive). Plus guides are great reads when taking a shit.

Plus I might consider sitting in an 8 person lobby since I’ll have something to read during the down time. That’ll be a tough one though lol.

Well Buktooth, can you confirm how accurate the frame data in the guide is at least?

Am I biased? Probably.

However, I collect fighting game guides myself and am very critical of the content. Trying to look at the MvC3 guide from a third-party view, it has almost everything I look for in a guide. It’s like 400 pages haha

No, there isn’t a royalty structure. No, people buying the guide doesn’t affect me in any way. I’m just letting everybody know, from one player to another, that this guide is a realllllly good resource. Especially in the early months when everybody’s trying to figure out the rules and the systems.

Out of curiosity in case you missed it, whats exactly in the guide that makes it so great?

Is there some sort of character comparisons? Information on individual stamina, tournament strategies?

This is exactly what I was asking.

Truly? I guess I may just pick one up. It’s a joy to read constructive things.

When did say anything to devalue his a opinion I just answered that guys question on how Buktooth had the guide thats all.

I’m also buying one

Really if you guys plan on picking up MvC3 in person at a major game retail shop, then you may as well browse some of the guide while there and decide if it’ll be worth your purchase.

Yeah or maybe the guy who helped create the book could just give us a heads up. I didnt think that was unreasonable.

I’m not buying the book personally all the information inside will make its way to the character forums.

I think the guide will help me in looking up basic information quickly w/o needing to jump on the net.
Currently my internet is limited anyways so its good for me.

I’d like to know this as well.

So we got frame data, some combos, team composition ideas, some artwork, some character techniques. (according to Amazon)
What else stands out in this guide?