MVC3 fundamentals

I don’t think I’m a good player but I picked up some things. I’m pretty sure there are things that I’m not thinking about. So far what i understand about the game is that my goal at the start of the match is to either stay close depending on the character or stay away to get a feel for the spacing of the opponent. My goal would be to move back and forth farther across the screen than in SF. I would use the assists to help me catch the opponent off guard. Trying to fish out a whiff normal. I don’t have a main team but I’m using shehulk, wolvy, akuma. I’d use the assists as a shield (akuma tatsu) and do the slide if the tatsu hit confirms. Or vice versa if I’m using wolvey do a normal plus assists and berserker slash. I would often use jump C so that I can tech or hit into combo. I super jump if they zone me to get my assists closer. The beginning of the match seems very important in mvc3. Once I knock down the opponent, then my goal is to keep pressure and keep them in a vortex. Also, delay attacks to catch ppl off guard.

On the defensive side, my goal would be to jump with some normal to punish a grounded normal. If they super jump over me then I might want to crouch attack. This part I’m not sure of but it just happened to me a while. Super jumping and landing into an attack is not safe? Use an invincible assists to punish aggression. Push block air attacks since some might multi-air attack. This one I’m having trouble with since I might be hit low. Some instances it seems that some A attacks don’t hit low? Also, I try not to mash buttons whether I’m on the offense or defense. I believe that the normal that goes first stuffs the other. Run away from xfactor. If I’m using a projectile character, then I would throw a projectile that is most likely full screen and position myself in another place, never staying in one place.

For bigger characters, jump to do instant multi-air attacks into a combo. I am never able to do this. I don’t know how others do this but I’ll end up getting hit by Sentinel low B. Can I block immediately after I jump? What I do instead is bait a laggy attack to get in. I might call an assists unless they like using armor. I’m having trouble against hulk rush attack with drones. I usually don’t like armor characters. Haggars pipe gives me trouble sometimes, I would think I can just find a whiff pipe or block it and get in. I play keep away against these bulk characters but assists just locks me down.

It seems in this game, being the first to go on the offense wins most of the time. Or gaining the momentum. Landing one normal can lead into combos. I have trouble with keeping pressure sometimes because the next character to come in after the other is killed is random at times. It seems I have to be in the middle IDK. Also, Idk what normal beats the other normal but I think the one to go first wins. I also have trouble against zero, he his normals are so great and gives him so much time to call an assists. What do I do against characters like ryu spamming tatsus with assists? Its like none of my air attacks beat it. I have to rely on air throw supers or counters. I don’t like using these because of timing is crucial. How do I beat great zoners like mag and dormammu? I don’t like relying on characters with long range normals to win my fights like dante and sent.