MVC3 Fight Club Round 5 @ Gamingetc - 5/27/11 4pm - Stratford, CT

Hey Guys,

With the summer almost here, tournament season is heating up and Gamingetc wants to return to the tournament circuit. We have a really great gropu heading up the Marvel vs Capcom 3 scene at the store that host weeklies every Friday and if any of you remember me (Jorge) from the greater SSFIV events we had a couple years back, I am going to be involved so the event goes off without a hitch.


Tournament starts at 7pm.Registration starts at 6pm. Free warm-up time before tournament start w/registration.

Gamingetc Tournament Center & Superstore w/250+ player capacity & Free WiFi
555 Lordship Boulevard
Stratford, CT 06615
[Easy off Exit 30 I-95, across from Porter & Chester Institute]
Google Maps Link(phone number is incorrect):Google Maps

-via phone: 203.296.9961
-via email:

Entry Fee:
$15 [$4 Venue / $11 Prize Pool]

Prize Payout:
1st: 60%
3rd: 10%
4th: Free Entry Voucher for next tourney

Every player not in the Top 4 will get a raffle ticket. We will be raffling off 2 Gamestop Gift Cards and raffle winners can choose to either take that home, or equal value in store credit, or a 50% value cash prize.

MVC 3 , Double Elimination, PS3.

Please bring your own controllers or arcade sticks to this event as we will have a very limited number of extra controllers on hand.

? All characters are legal for selection
? Matches are best 2 out of 3 rounds
? Finals are best 3 out of 5 rounds
? You may change your control settings before your match, just alert your opponent
? Stage selection is random by default but players are free to pick a stage they want.
? Double Blind Pick for first match upon request

Other Info:
Our MVC3 Weeklies crew will be bringing 2 PS3s with them, and 2 copies of the game with all characters unlocked. We have 3 HDTVs and 3 regular tube TVs at the shop and could definitely use some extra consoles and copies of the game. I"d like to have as many set-ups as we can get to maximize the number of TVs we are running the tourney on and still have some space for friendlies. If anyone has extra VGA or DVI cables that would be awesome too. Please let me know if you can bring anything, every little bit helps. Free pizza and drink for anyone who brings in their console that is used for the tournament and/or full set-up if needed.