Mvc3 demo coming to psn this week?

Its in the description on this gamespot page as well as being mentioned in the intro of the video.

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…If this comes to just PSN and not XBL, I will flip shit…I don’t want to have to go to my dad’s house and play it (not to mention on pad, since I only have a 360 stick without any adapters).

I think the guy’s wording is jst bad in the video. I seriously doubt we are getting a demo this upcoming week. I’d be extremely happy if we did though.

If you actually watched the video it says nothing about there being a demo on PSN.

Yeah, bummer… they’re just discussing MVC3 in general, not for PSN. Ah well. That sure would have been a Thanksgiving surprise from Capcom.

Yeah, damn it, I had to wait to get it to load, so I actually only could hear the initial minute. I’m not that mad, since i don’t own a PS3, but I can imagine those who do.

Fuck, man!! Damn you, Optic guy!

But seriously, the thought was nice.

I doubt we will get a demo but wesker looked pretty cool.