MVC3 Converts: Players I'd like to see play MVC3 Competitively

Here’s my list of Players I’d like to see playing MVC3:

[]** Poongko:** Nuff Said.
]** Juicebox:** He’s a great player but we know the real reason why.
[]** Wolfkrone/Latif:** Haven’t seen any Viper SF players.
]** Fuudo:** Evo Champion does well in Virtua Fighter and SF Which are fairly different,
so why not Marvel?

Not a fan of being a fan. Don’t really want to see anyone pick up or drop the game especially. It’s their decision.

What’s the Juicebox reason?

  1. This is purely hypothetical, It’s like saying who would win a fight, Godzilla or Barney?
    I wouldn’t pressure them to fight, I’m just fantasizing.

  2. Juicebox is an entertaining player to watch because of his combo celebrations. 3 characters means 3 times the entertainment.

I remember talking to Latif about MVC3 before the game came out and he said he wasn’t too enthralled about it. I remember talking with Rico Suave and he totally said “not my kinda game” LOL. The reason I think a lot of those guys play SF is because they’re on top of those games and don’t really feel like spending time on a game where they will have to deal with a lot of early bullshit before they get anywhere. It’s too easy to be cheap in MVC3 for some people to really take.

Maybe some of them may be waiting for Ultimate but I think if a SF player wasn’t into MVC3 already, I don’t see UMVC3 making much of a switch for them yet either. We’ll see though. I really like the cheap nature of the game that brings back putting people in really shitty situations like the old games. Coming from 3rd Strike having to deal with an entire cast of characters that had retarded normals, really high pressure throw games and things like Genei Jin and Karakusa to death…MVC3 is just another fun game for me to play where you just have to avoid the bad situations before you get put in them.

If you didn’t already have fun or wanted to play Vanilla MVC3…I honestly don’t see how you’re going to like Ultimate MVC3 anymore so that’s mainly why I don’t see these guys converting anytime soon. DHC glitch going away and toning down of XF is not going to make the game feel more fair or any of that shit. There will just be new, unfair situations that you will simply just have to know how to avoid really fast.

MOV (top 3S Chun) said he wanted to play MVC3 is the netcode was better so I guess we’ll see if that holds true for Ultimate.

Juicebox plays MvC3 check his Twitter sometime

There’s no right place to put this. It’s not really FGD and it’s not really discussion of MvC3. I’ll just close it since it’s mostly just fanboy fanfic. Much respect, but this is more blog fodder than SRK fodder. =\