[MvC3] A few questions

What is a battery? I have been using the search feature but I can’t seem to find an answer.

Also I have looked in the Official video thread for MvC3 and while they are decent, i’m looking for someone to follow on YouTube who I can watch and learn from. Anyone got any suggestions?

A battery is a character who generates lots of meter so that a better meter user will have plenty of it to use. In MvC2, a handful of characters were particularly good at building lots of meter in a short time. They were batteries.

However, in MvC3, since no character is really much better at building meter than the rest (besides D.Phoenix), battery may refer to a character who simply does not need to use meter to function.

Adding to what Sleazoid said, there’s a discussion on good MvC3 batteries here:

I would suggest watching the Wednesday night fight streams. Lots of good players (JWong, Marn, Mike Ross, Clockw0rk, Floe, etc.) and lots of footage.

Entirety of the first week’s tournament:

Entirety of the third week’s tournament:
Justin.tv - offcast - Videos
Start from the bottom at the 1:50:30 video.

And of course, you can see it live most Wednesday nights (sometimes they don’t/can’t stream, like for week 2).

thank you guys