MVC2's true roster

Everytime someone makes an arguement about MVC2 the always mentions that the game is all about the top 4, but I think that there are several other characters that are still good at a competitive level.

Sure on point 1v1 the top four are the best, but its still a team game, so you also have to take into consideration Capcom, Cyke and Psy. And what about Ironman, Stryder, Doom and Blackheart?

So in the end, what are the characters that are commonly picked in a competition?

Besides who you posted…

I’ve seen Tron, Juggs, Gouki, Rogue, Spiral, Cammy, Ken, Sim, and Iceman all used competitively used.

I know Preppy uses Megaman/Cable/Tron as an MSP killer.

Thread’s been done to death. It needs to die.

I’ve never seen anyone put up a fight with Akuma, Ken or Iceman, not against really good players.
Tron, Juggs, Rogue and Spiral I would say are good.
There’s lots of teams with Tron, its a reall good assist. Juggs does good in teamZ against MSP. I like vegitaX’s team for rogue it seems solid and Spiral/Sent/Cable is also good.

Cammy, I dont know what’s up with Cammy.

I don’t think you grasp the concept of counter characters and assists ‘making’ a character, ala Akuma and Ken and then Iceman, respectively.

I just want to know what teams show up consistently in tournaments.

But since you brought that up What do Akuma and Iceman counter? I know ken counters Doom AAA.

Akuma’s Expo Assist (Hurricane Kick) can be damn annoying to an opponent when used right. His abysmal stamina ruins his chance to be used on point or more seriously, but his assist can be used extremely efficiently given the right point character. I’m not sure who Akuma or Iceman counter, but Iceman is also useful for his invulnerability to many forms of chip, as well as his superb ability to chip.

main tournament teams are

storm/sent/capcom or cyclops
magneto/storm/psylocke or sentinel
sent/cable/capcom or cyclops

in sheer numbers , ppl play those teams the most in tournaments.

but u might see
mag or storm/ironman/sent

if u see any variations itll probably a switching of the 3rd character for some other type of assist.

there are other chracters that one can use and still beat top tourney teams such as blackheart strider spiral doom, some ppl find those teams more fun but in sheer numbers ppl usualy play the above mentioned teams but u dont have to play those exact teams to win tournaments

i say most played characters would be Mag/cable/sent…not that as a team but those are the most picked…but that as a team is killer…rowtron can back me on that…but i play with msp… that is a scrub killing team

Akuma: well, yeah, you get hit once, you lose. MegamanDS uses him on assist sometimes. Nobody really uses him on point. He’s amusing when teamed with Blackheart-AA though.

Ken: VDO. Pretty good assist, good on point if you can set up his glitched hurricane kick.

Iceman: Chill_effect.

Cammy: Tao (as assist), on low tier teams for JWong, Demon Hyo, etc etc etc.


You’re in the area. Stop by the get-together sometime. We’ve been doing tourneys again.

Pretty much anybody can beat everybody if you want to work at it hard enough. But the Storm/Sent duo has options nobody else has, so of course people swing that way.

And no, the top four aren’t the best “1 on 1” - they’re best as members of a team. They’re beastly outside of those teams too, but don’t get confused and try to retier everybody. That’s been done to death.

I agree that this is a dumb thread (Gamefaqs…). Use who you want to use. The character tiers are generally covered here:

But yeah, I’m just ~30 minutes away. Stop by and tell me who you don’t think I can beat you with and I’ll see what I can do. Kyle, Ian, and Sean are markedly better with their chosen characters than I am, and SakuraGuy at the UW (Scrub HUB) is of course really good with … Sakura. So… um, yeah. Just get out there and play more.

okay, what are ur opinions on teams that have 2 gods buy a low teir assist like


(as opposed to cycke or capcom)

provides great defense…can not stop anybody from playing very defensively or from running away

From what I’ve seen the game revolves around maybe eight to twelve characters that get near enough concistant play. Storm, Sentinel, Magneto, Cable, Iron Man, Spiral, Dr. Doom, Strider, Psylocke, Captain Commando, Cyclops and Tron Bonne. That being said other characters do get used, but maybe not as often on the internet.

Uhhhhhhhh… you do realize that the tiers were decided through a characters usefulness in a team in the first place, right? Why do you think CapCom/Cyke/Psy are ranked higher on the tier list than most other characters? It’s not that they can do anything useful on point, but because they have a good assist. Thus making them useful in a team, which results in being higher on the tier list.

And to answer your question, the main characters used in tourneys are:


And the main teams are:


k thanks but like the only teams that can stop run away would be capcom or bh assist teams?

and the only teams that have an advantage over defensive players would be trap teams right?

I think some of you guys mis-understood me. I myself play alot of characters that are considered low or mid tier, the only reason why I was asking this is becuase I read alot of posts that say marvel is only about 4 characters so I’m trying to show that there are alot more characters that are played well. Alot of what I say is also based on just what I’ve seen in video’s since I dont get to play this much against others.

Anyway if everyone thinks this thread is useless then I’ll just delete it.

Preppy- I think I will be showing up again on 4/20, I had alot of fun last time. And I still remember you kicking my butt last time with Megaman/Tron so trust me I know how effective some of these characters can be when played right.

I don’t lie when I say this…




have fun! :slight_smile:

the real reason you dont see mid/low tier played in tournies is that for the most part they are good, but rely on gimmicks, and most of the time have a direct counter (normally being cable and sentinel, they are the low tier killers, storm is too, just to a lesser degree i think, she is more of a every1 killer)

i.e. jug/hulk/colossus is good team, but cable/sent eats it alive, megaman is very good, but cable with meter leaves mega with no options (that i know of), bh is good, but cable can alpha in and get hit by hod and get free beams, storm eats him up too, ironman gets countered by cable and bh pretty nasty, the list goes on. low tier can hang with a magnus if played right BUT magnus has the powa to scrape anyone

hope all that rambling helpedd you see why the game is why it is, at least imo