MVC2 Team Tiers

I’ve been aware of the most frequently played teams in this game, and I understand their dynamics, but which combination of characters has generated the most tournament victories since Marvel’s inception 6 years ago? Which teat is played the most, and which has lost stock over the years?

MSP. Close thread.

Mags, Cable, Storm


Too good.

msp all day every day

I’ll say that if MSP isnt raping, then most likely a Storm/Sent team is doing some damage. Honestly, Storm’s super, DHC, Sents HSF will do atleast 60% damage everytime.

In the beginning, Cable ruled the game with a anti-air, until Magneto players learned his rushdowns and infinites. There wasn’t any Magneto players until Row showed his true powers.

Actually I think it was Justin Wong who brought Magneto rushdown into the spotlight with Magneto/Cable/Cammy. Everyone else was playing non-magneto based teams or some other stuff like that. Then J Wong beat Ricky Ortiz’ Spiral/Cable/sentinel, cable/storm/psylocke, and then Alex Valle’s bh/sentinel/commando, strider/doom/ken, and finally Duc Do’s spiral/cable/cyke, spiral/cable/sentinel.

But I think it was Rodolfo was the man who started the resetting Magneto revolution along with the fast fly sentinel combos.


the whole team seems kind of 1 dimensional (rushdown) and not terribly versatile. its very do or die.

storm/sent however, can runaway, rush down, zone and do whatever. plus it has that solid combo: lightning storm DHC into HSF, launch, whatever sick unfly combo you want to do, and its basically a guranteed kill.

Snap back to assist, rape the assist, rape Sent, watch Storm run and go “HAH, HAH” for like 5 hours, then rape Storm.

Wrong, IIRC it was ShadyK and duc who popularized the magneto craze(even though I think it was genghis who discovered mag/psy). Justin only won for the same reason why he wins now, because he’s better than everyone else.

Top tier teams:

2nd tier

3rd tier
Mag/Storm/variants(like cyclops/tron/sent-y)

:rofl: :rofl:

Justin Wong has been playing Mag/cable/cammy ever since B4 (which he didn’t attend). Eddie Lee and Arturo attended B4 and mentioned to those in attendance that there was this 13 year old kid who wrecked them with Magneto/cable/cammy.

Image was the first magneto to do good in a major tourney. He placed 3rd at B4 with Mag/cable/cyke. But he never really did any rushdown/triangle jumping stuff.

Justin Wong was the first Magneto to win a major tourney. (ECC against Ricky Ortiz). Rushdown triangle jumps with Magnus.

ShadyK and Duc were good with mags and probably came up with the Mag/Psylocke combination… but it wasn’t until justin won the ECC major that all the scrubs started copying him and picking Magnus.

EC Santrax.


Is there any footage of when Mags first started raping? In question to the JW statement…

triangle jumps have been around long before mvc2, that wasn’t some revolutionary tactic justin started doing. magnetos in cali were doing it from the beginning, and its pretty safe to assume that magnetos every where were doing it. the one thing i saw from him that was different was he didnt go for temptest combos, he almost always did a guaranteed combo with cammy into shock wave. speaking of which, that is what created the magneto bandwagon initially. those tempest combos already made magneto a very popular character before justin won majors. the first bandwagon i believe he really started was storm/sent/aa after B5. a lot of people werent convinced of his abilities until he beat duc there, then everyone and their mom started using storm/sent.

why do you rate mss higher than msp?because of its comeback factor?

and what about sscable? I just want some opinion on this team since its not as abusable as santhrax

comeback factor,does well against nearly every team,great assist killing team and it’s a great confidence team against good Sent/capcom teams. You’ll see many great mag players(like Yipes and soo) use mss against top Sentinels.

msp doesn’t have those capabilties. it’s strengths lie in winning matches in the 1st 10 seconds of a match and that if you’re playing hot, this is the team to play.In others words nothing is ever for sure when playing msp. at least with mss you have a sure thing in Storm/sent Dhc.

SScable is another sure bet team. it has few weaknesses other than an over-reliance on sentinel(kill sentinel and the whole team falls apart).

nice reply. I agree with you on mss.

But as for ssc, do you think its better with sentinel on drone or punch assist? cable anti-air is also not as dominating as commandon’s damage/combo/range wise but the biggest gripe I have with cable assit is that it dies quickly to hail storm. I have seem Justin Wong mash two hial storm and kill miss time cable assist.

I agree its an all around balance and buff team in theory but when in priactical match its not as good as it seems.

I agree w/ Juicy G…for the most part. But I say switch SSCable w/ Matrix.

I’ll write up why each team is where they are later.

Jus’ my $.02.

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EDIT: Accidently put MSS, instead of SSCable.