MvC2 Random team generator!

Background: Ive played MvC2 for a while but never competitively (or with any skill :P) and my friend decided to teach me how to play properly. Eventually he had to move away to work at Google (what an ass!) and wed talk about Marvel over MSN and discussed how we would rape each other when he came back. One day I was talking with him over MSN at work and we came up with the idea of a random team generator. After many versions, we finally came up with a web based random team generator so that we could use it at whoevers house we were at. When he finally came back over the Xmas holidays, we tested/used it with a few of our friends (all varying skill levels) and found it to be quite entertaining. Just thought Id share it with the community if they wanted to try it out too.

Random team generator
(created by James)

This version randomly generates characters, assists and colours. You can also blacklist some characters if you dont want them showing up in the random teams. Also if you click on the names, a moves list comes up (stolen from GameFAQs I believe).

Ill upload another version later on which is more streamlined (ie removes random colours, moves list, and the tier table).

Hope you guys have fun with it. Let me know your thoughts/opinions if any.

This is pretty neat, theres an MVC2 section, but thanks for the heads up.

**Chun Li Is NOT Garbage Tier…Boo…But This Is Pretty Good **


very well done.

i member there was another generator that was a small program that picked random teams like this but showed sprites and also had some peoples trademark teams and such.

also anakaris isnt garbage tier :wink:

This could actually lead to interesting possibilities.

Imagine a truly randomly-generated Marvel tournament, where every single match has each player picking a new team…

“Psylocke - Assist Tier”



some of the rankings are a bit funny, but thats ok.:sweat:

the rankings are my friend’s opinion but still funny :slight_smile:

Very nice :tup:

Wouldn’t there have to be some kind of non-random balancing thing added in? If not, there would definitely be certain matches decided just because somebody got screwed on characters so badly. For instance, you could make it so each player randomly gets one low, mid, and upper tier character apiece or something.

This looks nice! Ratings are out of wack though, Ken being low while bonerine and marrow are mid is lol.

I remember an older version of a similar thing. Pretty cool…

Now that’s true love.

Cool generator.

howabout the ability to ban certain character assists?