MVC2 PSN "Team Demo" Thread

****As usual, I looked for a thread that matched the specific intentions of this one, and did not find anything, so I am making it. While there may be other threads in the Character-specific section, I don’t think that any deal with the idea of team chemistry regarding the six characters in the demo. If I have missed this just let me know, and we can ignore this apparent waste of bandwidth. ****

Ok, so the demo hits tonight, and we know that the six characters in it are

Wolverine (is it bone or metal?)

What, in your opinion, is a workable “top tier” team for this demo. Given, Ironman is going to have to be on your team to give you the options with the infinite. But, we all know that there has to be more.

I have been leaning towards Ryu Proj/ Ironman AAA/ ??? (Wolverine or Strider).

While it is no AHVB, Ryu’s TK Shinkuu Hadoken has some pretty decent priority, and I have been trying to find a way to combo the opponent into Ironman AAA with Ryu, then TK a SHK.

Anyone else going this route, or plan on going another route?


chun li is ridiculous @ building bar. chuns jump d.rh has unbelievable priority beating anything that comes up to her, comes out in one frame and recovers very fast and its actually unblockable.

chun li for battery\ strider\ IM looks like the best team on that list.

if you stick chun on expansion type, she causes unblockables for both characters. Striders orbs, call chun expansion type gets ugly fast.

strider on point. If the opponent ever calls his assist wrong, counter call IM, bomb, activate does 45% right off the bat. Generally, any good strider player @ this point will get 90% if not kill the helper.

How does Chun’s expansion cause an unblockable with the orbs? I did not know that.

Did the demo drop yet?

chuns expansion is an overhead. During striders orbs, he can go low for free and you can’t block hi\lo @ the exact same time. It works really well with IM to.

Fuck that
Top 4 for life!!

I think IM Strider Chunli for the reasons stated above, but if wolvie has his ground assist ( where he slides, forgot type lol) that could set up some good combos for IM, cause gives it him that low kick --> launch

Losers. Trying to justify a “top tier” team with the demo. Just IM OCV FTW

My thought exactly :lol:

how do you play the game without top 4???

fuck the hate tho LOVE

so what if people wanna to get deep into the DEMO. Its old/new Mahvel at it again.

Mvc2 Got the Internet “GOING CRAZYYYYYY”

Exactly. I have never, ever, made a team that consisted of more than 1 of these 6 characters, nor have I begun to wrap my head around how they would work together as a team. I am not going to have my magneto here, so I am just wondering if anyone has been picking their brains for a workable team out of the demo.

We are going to have said demo for 2 months probably, and, since it is supposed to have online play, I fancy many of us from the SRK boards will be playing it quite a bit to get that MAHVEL ONLINE fix.

There has to be few combos/strategies/options/ect within the teams that we can create out of the demo that will generate some sort of debate, hence said debate and discussion would go in this thread.

I am not trying to figure our what the top tier for the demo is, because that really doesn’t matter. I put “top tier” in quotes to be sarcastic. However, it should be easy to see that one configuration of these six characters is going to be better than the others (IMO).

I will just do Iron Man/Strider/Ryu. I have used all 3 of these guys in the past so… Im not worryed.

i hope you’re better at this than SF4 :lovin:

lil’bit :bgrin: if you get it tonight hit me up…just wish the made the demo with


As the six…at least then we would be ok until the full game came out lol

lol the demo is gonna be so silly with IM/X/X teams

Wolverine (is it bone or metal?) (which is it?)

Ironman/X/X ??? that’s all that u gentlemen can come up with?

tsk tsk tsk

and here i thought after SF4, cats would approach this with some variety. =]

on the real tho, there is puhlenteeeee of info in the marvel threads on basic team synergy. don’t miss it!

I can’t wait to beat on these sf4 players with spidey

well you can play the game with out top tiers but top tiers is where the fun is at so this needs to be released already in its fullest!!