MvC2 PS2 Disc

Alright, I have MvC2 on PS2. I can play it on my sister’s orignial PS2 (we got it right when they came out) without too many problems. However it won’t work at all on my friends refurbished PS2. The disk seems to be in pretty good condition. I don’t feel like it has a lot of scratches or anything, so I dunno what the deal is. I’m asking because I want to sell it on the trading outlet since I have the DC version now. But I don’t want it to not work on someone else’s PS2.

You have the HDAdvance 3.0+Hard drive setup? Should get it, especially if you have an older model PS2 with the DRIVE BAY. Then load it onto the drive and see if it works then(yeah MVC2 works with HDAdvance).

BTW why buy a refurbed PS2 anyway if not for HDAdvance purposes? Just buy a NEW PSTwo for $120-$130 IMO.

A Used/Refurbed PSOne i’d trust, but not a used PS2…

That might work. I’m guessing I’ll need to check it on a few more PS2’s before putting it up for sale. My main concern is sending it out to someone and them having problems with the disk.

Oh so your planning on selling the PS2 MVC2? In that case, if the disc looks fine, and WORKS on the other PS2. Its probably GOOD then.

Dunno why the other refurbed PS2 wouldn’t play it, but the disc itself sounds OK and good to sell. I say go for it w/E-Bay :smile:

yo it all depends on the ps2 some times they cant load bluebacks thats jsut the way it is…on my brothers ps2 my MvC loads fine but on mine it load when it wants to thats all