MvC2 pcsx2 settings help

Hello, I just downloaded pcsx2 with MvC2 on my laptop, and so far I have no problems with the game, it goes at 60fps with no problem with all settings down.
However, I don’t like the look of the game with the native resolution on, it looks blurry and jagged, the screen moves and looks quite bad, and when I change it to x2, the game slows down to 60% sometimes during gameplay.
Is there a better way to optimize the game without having that ugly native resolution?.

I also saw that I can emulate MvC2 on dreamcast through nullDC. Does nullDC takes less memory for the games? Is it better and has a nice resolution?. Idc at all about the version, I know dreamcast is more faithful but meh.

I have 4gb ram
Windows 7 professional
And a intel core i5-3320M 2.60ghz

I know it’s not a big pc. Just want to know the best settings to have it at full 60fps and a better resolution.

Demul is better than NullDC as it’s actually still in development.

And does it runs better than pcsx2?

I’ve never used pcsx2. Only gotz love for the Dreamcast, homie. I own a stack of DCs, so I only break out Demul in a pinch. Works well though. No complaints.

I just downloaded nulldc, and yes. It runs way smoother than the pcsx2. I have no problems with the dreamcast version. Im still wondering why I had slowdowns tho. Is it because of the ps2 itself or is it because of my pc? Hmm…

Demul, dude. Not NullDC. NullDC is a dead project and hasn’t had active development in over two years. The developer has moved onto Reicast, a DC emulator for Android and Raspberry Pi. While NullDC may work, it has annoying quirks with some games.

Update: Ok dude, I’ll try demul, nulldc already gave me a few slowdowns with captain commando’s hyper combo, also when both players bring assists, and I think some stages too, idk, I have to check that ice stage. Funny, cuz’ when doing a triple hyper combo it doesn’t get framedrops.

Edit: Is it true that it hasn’t been updated since 2013?. Hope it gives better results than nulldc.

Update: I just tried demul. And it got even worse, It gave me more problems to install and even then, the frames were not good, constantly droping. I’ll have to stick to pcsx2 or nulldc. Hopefully adding more ram to my laptop might help, idk.

PCSX2 is annoying at best, garbage at worst.
There a dozen or so settings to adjust depending on which plug-in pack you use, and it’s rare any two games have identical settings.

PCSX2 is referred to as High level Emulation, which means lets try to get the game to Just work by adapting it to the PC.

Emulation Rant


High level Emulation attempts to simulate the response of the system rather than accurately recreating its internal designs. HLE rewrites functions using code, and then hooks into calls to that function, and runs the HLE version instead of the native code. This process is often extremely buggy and require fixes for every game. A High level emulation will often have fixes most popular games and ignore everything else.
PCSX2 is worst as it passes that issue of debugging to the user by the means of settings and plug-in packs.
N64, Dreamcast, Saturn, PS1only have High Level Emulation.

Low Level Emulation actually ties to accurately recreate the functions of the consoles hardware, there no need to bug fix for specific games unless that game was on a cart with very specific hardware exclusive to that game.
Low Level Emulation also takes up more system resources on emulation as you are running virtual versions of each chip in software, but if a PC has enough power they can run game almost accurate to the original console.
Like the Low Level SNES Emu BSNES can put a top of the line gaming PC on it’s Knees in taxing system resources, but you run those SNES games at almost reference accuracy.

The only way to get more accurate is with FPGA hardware, and program that hardware to mimic the original hardware down to the CPU cycles.

Yhea, I already stopped using pcsx2. I couldn’t find a fix for it. Im sticking with nulldc since it’s the one that runs better.

Demul runs perfectly on my PC (i5-4460; 16GB; GTX 1070; SSD). Installation was issue-free.

I just took a look at your PC’s specs. You really need to bump the RAM on your config at the very least. Also you need to make sure your settings for Demul are set correctly.

Start at 5mins on this YouTube vid for a guide:

I was thinking the same about upgrading the ram by at least 2gb more. Hopefully that will help with the slowdowns in every emulator and maybe give demul another try.

If you’ve got 4, double it. 8GB is the bare minimum you should be rocking on a PC that does ANY gaming, let alone emulation of consoles.

Ok then, I’ll get to the 8gb. Thanks, I hope things get better when I upgrade this.

Edit: I just found out that in pcsx2 I don’t get any slowdowns during captain commandos hyper combo lol.