MvC2 on Xbox 360

How bad does MvC2 play on an Xbox 360? Is it unplayable or acceptable? I see alot of people saying it doesnr play at full speed can someone explain how bad it is?


Judge for yourself.

:u: Lol You Beat Me To It…Yea its FuQing Terrible…I Have It For All The Systems…Dreamcast Is The Best…Don’t Even Bother

wow, that is terrible, I have it on playstation and dreamcast but I never imagined it would be that bad on x-box, I thought it might be the same as playstation but thats shit looks unplayable.

hahah that was so bad it makes me want to play it to see what other crazy shit
i can find. lol

It’s fine on the original Xbox, it’s the 360’s backward compatibility that chokes on the game.

It’s not as bad as I imagined it’d be, but that’s still pretty horrible.

Lol I Still Have It…Shit Was So Bad…I Went Out And Bought A Dreamcast And Marvel…It’s Around Here Somewhere…Kinda Ashamed To Own It LOL

Whoa I wasnt expecting that. Shit I might just have to get me another PS2.

If someone tell me that this is MVC2 running on Chankast or NullDC i fully believe it… i dont know what Microsoft was thinking.

And to think I got all pissy when one of the people in Chun Li’s background (in Third Strike) glitched…:rofl:

When will someone just post a damn sticky about this? Every damn couple of weeks this same exact topic comes up.

DC = Arcade

Ps2 = If you’re desperate


You can actually see the hit boxes at times. :rofl:

Is that true tornado is there a video of the ps2 version?

For the record, you retards, the version actually plays fine on regular xbox. It’s emulation is shit on the 360. I have all three.

the game doesn’t look or move nearly as bad as that ehen you put the disk in the console it was made for.

The xbox version isn’t accepted not because of how it looks on the 360. it’s because a few things about the characters and glitches are different.

The p2s version is the worst. It has that annoying counter-glitch that causes your point and tagged in character to get hit.

Lol lame I might aswell forget about it then.

Yeah, it’s unplayable. It runs at less than half speed, and the graphics cut in and out.

With my limited MvC2 skills, this speed is probably perfect…

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