MvC2 on New Gen consoles

Why is MvC3 available on psn for PS4 but MvC and MvC2 aren’t?

I missed out when they were available for PS3 and 360. I had no idea that that was a thing. I’d love to be able to play people online.

umvc3 was put on ps4 to entice current players to move on to the new version one its released

same as above for mvc2 for the ps3/x360, and also it was probably released to guage the market demand for mvc3, in addition to the fact that the mvc2 on the gen before had a limited print run because of license expiring and the game was sought after by more than just the hardcore fgc,

dont forget that majority of gamers today play whats popular, so i dont think a release of mvc2 on current gen is likely as its just a dedicated few that still play the game, a lot of the mvc casuals have moved on to mvc3 & umvc3

i think 75% of the buying market for mvc2 are players who already own it and will not want to double/triple dip for another release

the nostalgia fator and loyalty for these companies is on the decline, i bought a ps3 just for ssf2t hdr, but i would not do it again for a ps4, too many sub par bugged releases and not enough updates and support after the first couple months

My loose understanding is that we need to bug people at Capcom about this. I previously posted some information here. I’ve followed up further and think we need to find the right people(s) at Capcom now.

Preppy, let me know if you find out who those people are. I have been writing them on FB as it seems companies today put a lot of stock into social media.